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Jeon So Mi personally explains the Lamborghini controversy on 'Radio Star'


Jeon So Mi appeared on a recent episode of MBC's 'Radio Star' which aired on July 22nd KST.  Chef Lee Yeon Bok, Jeon So Mi, comedian Yoo Min Sang, and basketball player Heo Hun appeared in this episode. 

This episode was a special episode with guests who made the top realtime search ranking. Jeon So Mi had made the ranking with her Lamborghini controversy earlier this year. She was seen driving a yellow Lamborghini Urus in her YouTube reality show 'I AM SOMI' and netizens were wondering how she bought such an expensive car at such a young age. Later, her label company did clarify that the Lamborghini did not belong to Jeon So Mi but she personally explained the incident on this episode of 'Radio Star'.

The hosts asked Jeon So Mi about how she made the realtime search ranking with an expensive car and she replied "I really wanted to ride that car. That was my goal. So I asked my company if it would be possible for me to ride it for my reality show. And they were able to get a sponsor to have a test drive in that car." She also added, "I took off all my rings before taking hold of the wheel and drove it really carefully. My heart thumped when I heard the engine sound."

She also revealed how she felt about the reaction netizens were giving her. She stated "I explained this was a car I wanted to buy and it was the first time I saw so many people click on the 'Angry' emoticon on the article. I wondered if that was something to be angry about but either way I like the 'Angry' emoticon too. I also knew they'll know the truth after a week."

She explained that her label called her saying "you're on the realtime search ranking, I think we need to post a clarification" on the first day she made the ranking. She said she explained calmly, "But I think we'll get more views for the second episode, so I think it's good." So Mi revealed that she made rank 1 the next day so her company had to release a clarification and the reporters also published clarification articles.

Jeon So Mi added, "I got my license as soon as I turned 20. I got it in March of that year."  She also sang the song "Supalonely" as she showed off a more mature vibe of her multiple-layer charms.

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pink_oracle10,497 pts Wednesday, July 22, 2020 12
Wednesday, July 22, 2020

I mean, why the fuck would anyone be angry if she had bought the car. Why you so bitter ya'll.


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alexandra9304670 pts Wednesday, July 22, 2020 3
Wednesday, July 22, 2020

I dont really understand why people would get mad about this. I mean if I got the chance to drive a lamborghini I would not hestitate.


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