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Hong Suk Chun explains his past remark "I quit being a comedian because of Nam Hee Suk" as the controversy between Nam Hee Suk and Kim Gu Ra continues to become heated


As the controversy over Nam Hee Suk's criticism on Kim Gu Ra's attitude on 'Radio Star' continues, TV personality Hong Suk Chun's past remarks about Nam Hee Suk rose to the surface again.

As the controversy over Nam Hee Suk and Kim Gu Ra becomes more heated, Hong Suk Chun decided to personally explain his past remark through his social media.

Hong Suk Chun appeared on the KBS 2 TV quiz program '1 VS 100' back in 2015 and revealed that he had become a comedian through the KBS and SBS comedian auditions but had left being a comedian because of the 'disciplinarian' Nam Hee Suk. This remark was coming back into light since the controversy between Nam Hee Suk and Kim Gu Ra. Therefore, Hong Suk Chun posted an explanation of his remark from the past.

He stated, "This is a very sensitive and delicate time period. I am writing a few words because I think the silence will bring about more misunderstanding. 

It is not true that I quit being a comedian because of Nam Hee Suk. I feel it is very unfortunate that the contents before and after my remark has been edited and skewed to be more provocative. I am also disappointed and upset at the reporters who are putting up provocative article titles without any information checking. 

I am close to Nam Hee Suk even at this moment. And he is a younger brother to me who always knows how to be considerate to others. Also, Kim Gu Ra is a close friend of mine so I feel it is very unfortunate to see such a situation.

I know very well that the two people do not make haste moves thoughtlessly so I am going to quietly wait until this wraps up well."

Hong Suk Chun clarified that he did not quit being a comedian because of Nam Hee Suk. The past full remark that had stated by Hong Suk Chun was: "I visited SBS to tell them I will turn down the offer to become their comedian but then I was seen by KBS 'disciplinarian' comedian Nam Hee Suk. I was seen as a betrayer and was shocked mentally so I quit after two months."

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taichou_san2,125 pts Friday, July 31, 2020 3
Friday, July 31, 2020

kmedia and their evil twisted mind game...im not surprise at all


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MENsplaining2,805 pts Friday, July 31, 2020 0
Friday, July 31, 2020

Interesting to see celebrities standing up to kmedia and it's going to be interesting to see which publications take accountability and fix their policies of misleading the public and which publications try to gloss over their misdeeds or ignore it completely. It will give the public an idea of what publications are credible and trustworthy and which are not.



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