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Fans take interest in former AOA member ChoA's past statement "If I don't say this, I'm going to get hit by Jimin"


As Jimin's bullying has been exposed by Mina, fans have been looking back at the previous statements said by AOA members during the time when they were actively promoting.

One of these statements that came into the spotlight again is ChoA's statement while AOA was appearing on the '4 Things Show'.

During the interview on the show, ChoA states that "AOA members are in good terms with each other, wherever we are. I think this is entirely due to Jimin playing a huge role." When ChoA stated this, all the members seemed to agree.

ChoA continued to say "All the members are nice and kind-hearted but Jimin takes care of all the members younger than her. She tries to listen to each member so she's the best leader."

However, ChoA adds "If I don't say this, I'm going to get hit by Jimin."  as she laughs a bit nervously. This statement had fans laughing back then but now fans are questioning these words and seeing a different meaning behind them.

Netizens have commented "ChoA knew everything all along", "I wonder if Jimin even respected ChoA.", "I guess they picked the leader according to who has a stronger punch.", and "ChoA's facial expression doesn't look too happy next to Jimin."

Meanwhile, ChoA left the group back in 2017 with the company statement "She was struggling with insomnia, and have been taking medication for the past two years. However, her condition didn't seem to improve so she will be stopping all promotion."

Fans have begun to focus on the previous statements made by AOA members after the bullying incident between Mina and Jimin. Recently, fans discovered that ChoA has been following other members of AOA, including former member Mina, but did not follow Jimin.

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2ice5,690 pts Monday, July 6, 2020 15
Monday, July 6, 2020

I think every member was scared of Jimin, to some extent. Makes no sense why Choa and Mina would follow everyone but Jimin. People are being quick to judge the remaining 4 as if theyre bystanders, but from what weve seen so far, Choa and Mina seem to be in a good standing with them. Jimin was the problem all along.


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Nct_and_Wayv5,443 pts Monday, July 6, 2020 4
Monday, July 6, 2020

Oh my goodness. How much damage did Jimin cause to members mentally?


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