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A turn of events for the contestants on I-LAND as four I-Landers are dropped to the Grounders team


The fourth episode of Mnet and Big Hit Entertainment's 'I-LAND' was aired on July 17.

This episode began with the Grounders' performance of "Fire" and the producers watched them with sharp eyes. This was the second mission given to both I-Landers and Grounders to test their teamwork. The judges felt that the Grounder's teamwork and synergy were much better than the I-Lander team.

Back at the I-Land, the I-Landers were shown the top six individual scores from this mission. K came in first place with a score of 88 points. Heesung came in second with 83 points, third place was Sunghoon with 80 points. Then, was Taki, Sunwoo, and EJ with points of 75, 71, and 70 respectively.

The I-Landers scored overall 78 points for their teamwork score as a group resulting in four members having to be voted out. However, K received an exemption card as a reward for coming in the first place. He had the choice of using that exemption card on himself or on someone else who was voted out but that meant someone else has to be disqualified to the grounders. 

The I-Landers were given two hours to decided and made their votes. As a result, Yoonwon, Taeyong, Sunwoo, and Jungwon were voted out to be disqualified and take their place with the Grounders.

However, K decided to use his exemption card on Jungwon and saved him from being disqualified. K stated that he admired Jungwon's attitude and also his skill so K wanted to help him stay in the I-Land.

Unfortunately, this resulted in another I-Lander to be disqualified. It was the next person with the highest vote to leave I-Land and that was Taki. Therefore as a final result, Yoonwon, Taeyong, Sunwoo, and Taki would leave I-Land.

The I-Landers were emotional and sad to see their fellow I-Land members leave but were excited to find out who would be the four grounders to join them.

Jay, Jake, Youngbin, and Kyungmin joined the I-Landers as the producers judged that they were able to express the song best and perform the best.

The four members to join the I-Landers were ecstatic but on the other hand, they were sad that the other Grounders could not join them.

In the next episode, both the I-Landers and Grounders will participate in their third mission. Stay tuned for next week's episode of Mnet's I-LAND.

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quark1239517,904 pts Friday, July 17, 2020 1
Friday, July 17, 2020

I still think Taki is a lock for the final lineup. Rain and Zico love him on stage and he's had a lot of fan support. Bang PD told us to not just look at their results, but also at their potential so I really think Taki is gonna make it in the end. Really the contestants I'm rooting for the most are Taki, Daniel, and Jake. Jay is growing on me a lot too. He's got a lot of heart.


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Eunbean2,129 pts Saturday, July 18, 2020 1
Saturday, July 18, 2020

If any of you make the final line up without Sunwoo, Taki, K, Jungwon, Heesung and Jay you are delusional, they are there 100,01 % debuted


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