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SM boy group fans react to a hilarious wish asking Lee Soo Man to 'Set me up on a blind date'


Fans of various SM Entertainment boy groups have united, thanks to one hilarious wish that went viral!

According to an SNS post below, the hilarious wish which garnered attention during a real-time chat session was, "Please let Lee Soo Man set me up on a blind date." 

Seeing the wish, some witty online fans couldn't help themselves from leaving even more hilarious comments!

"Please introduce me to the one who looks like a rabbit, about 179~180 cm tall, with inner eyelids, who is good at singing and whose relative is an actor." 

"Please introduce me to the one from Canada, the one who is good at everything, born in 1999 and a Christian...TT."

"Just give me whoever you got, as long as they're in their twenties..."

"Soo Man, allow me the honor of that blind date~ Ever since I was young my dream was to be you~"

"But what if he sends out J.Y. Park or Bang Si Hyuk..."

"He might just send out the older idols who are of age where they need to get married asap tho." 

"Please introduce me to the one from your company in his thirties, he's good at singing, he's got a delicate voice and he went to a prestigious university."

...and more! Who would you ask Lee Soo Man to set you up with?

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ElloryQueen434 pts Thursday, June 25, 2020 14
Thursday, June 25, 2020
I think they are just joking and being sarcastic, which is funny. In the spirit of the requests, allow me to add mine: "Mr. Lee Soo man, please set me up with a member from a 2nd generation Hallyu Wave group, preferably one with a warm voice, a cool voice, or an anchovy. I will also accept an angel without wings, or the East Sea."


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yeet-me416 pts Thursday, June 25, 2020 1
Thursday, June 25, 2020

"But what if he sends out J.Y. Park or Bang Si Hyuk..."

I died :D


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