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International BLACKPINK fans wonder "who is Lim Young Woong?" as his song battles "How You Like That" on the charts


International BLACKPINK fans are wondering "Who is Lim Young Woong?" as they keep their eye on the music charts. 

The international fans noticed the name Lim Young Woong after seeing him battle BLACKPINK on the real-time rankings of major music sites in Korea after BLACKPINK released their new song "How You Like That."

GLOBAL BLACKPINK, a large overseas fandom account with 269,000 Twitter followers, shared the ranking of "How You Like That" on five sites - Melon, Bugs, FLO, Genie, and Soribada. However, the fan's biggest interest was singer, Lim Young Woong because he holds the No. 1 spot on the Soribada Popular Music Chart.

International fans asked, "Who's that man?", "Who the hell is that man?" and "I want to know. Who are you?" They continued to wonder  "Why is this song still number one in Soribada?" when they saw BLACKPINK's "How you like that" lose their first place and ranked second on June 29. Another fan explained, "Lim Young Woong is a trot singer with a big fan base in Korea, and his fans seem to be streaming intensively in Soribada."

BLACKPINK's international fans took interest in Lim Young Woong again as "How You Like That" still topped Soribada on the morning of the 30th. They responded saying, "Okey [sic] this man again?", "What kind of hacks (hackings) is this song using to get number 1?"

Meanwhile, as of 5 p.m. on the 30th, Lim Young Woong's "Trust In Me" topped the Soribada real-time popularity music chart.  "How You Like That" (Ranking 1st place three times, and 2nd place once) and "Now Trust Me" (Ranking 1st place once, and 2nd place three times) are competing fiercely on the Soribada Daily Popular Chart between the 26th to the 29th.

Lim Young Woong's popularity increased tremendously after winning on the highly popular TV Chosun reality show 'Mr. Trot.'

Netizens commented: 

"Korean women are good at voting and getting the 'top-rated comments' on articles.

"Lim Young Woong can compete against BLACKPINK head to head. Amazing!!!"

"Looks like the international BLACKPINK fans don't know the power of Korean ahjummah's."

"Lim Young Woong is amazing."

"Lim Young Woong is one of Korea's best singers, a person who will spread Korean trot all across the globe. International fans please take note and listen to him too."

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popularit4,983 pts Tuesday, June 30, 2020 7
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

i swear some i-fans act like theyre so in touch with everything happening in korea just cuz they like kpop

trot is really big in korea smh


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Kirsty_Louise19,825 pts Tuesday, June 30, 2020 29
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Id personally rather listen to Trust in Me than How You Like That. I dont know why his song doing so well is all that surprising, international KPop fans need to broaden their horizons a bit.


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