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Netizens point out similarities between Baekhyun and Kang Daniel's music videos


Netizens have pointed out the similarities between Baekhyun and Kang Daniel's solo albums.

Baekhyun recently made a comeback with his new solo album 'Delight' and title track "Candy", and an online community post has received a lot of attention for noting the many similarities between Baekhyun's newest video and Kang Daniel's previous music videos

The post highlighted similar scenes in both music videos, going so far as to show that Kang Daniel's previous female backup dancer made an appearance in Baekhyun's newest MV as well. 

Netizen comments include: 

"They are really similar..."

"I'm not trying to fight but music videos generally use a lot of those types of scenes a lot. Like the curtain one."

"Why would Baekhyun want to copy Kang Daniel... Baekhyun is doing a lot better than him."

"I'm not sure if this is just me, but the choreography does look similar. Maybe it's because the female backup dancer is the same?"

"This is a controversy only on these online communities. The fans don't think they are similar."

What do you think? 

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nunyabsnss5,168 pts Thursday, May 28, 2020 0
Thursday, May 28, 2020

Oh, Lord, this post was just created to cause fanwars to increase clicks. Really disgusting and unnecessary. Kang Daniel and Baekhyun are BOTH Kings and you should stream 2U and Candy and not get them involved in this pettiness. They both already deal with so many antis especially poor Daniel. I'm an EXO-L and I love Daniel and Danitys.



mar_jo30 pts Thursday, May 28, 2020 1
Thursday, May 28, 2020

Both Kings. Lets not encourage a fanwar AKP.

Stream 2U by Kang Daniel. It's a bop!


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