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Netizens frown upon Oh My Girl's YooA for mentioning ASTRO after winning #1 on 'M! Countdown'


Netizens are debating a recent controversy surrounding Oh My Girl's #1 winners' speech.

On an online community forum, a netizen who claims to be a fan of Oh My Girl made a post criticizing YooA's recent speech on 'M! Countdown'. During the most recent May 14th episode, Oh My Girl took the winning trophy after running against ASTRO. 

During the winner's speech, member YooA mentioned the group name ASTRO, suggesting that the male group win the next trophy so that they can celebrate "together".

She said, "First of all, we didn't think we would get this [win] today. I hope that ASTRO members also win next time so that together we could...* Thank you to our WM Entertainment family and I love you, members. Next time, we will show an even better side to ourselves!"

Some netizens were disapproving of the fact that YooA was not considerate enough to both ASTRO and their fans, as this was taken as rather impudent gesture. As ASTRO has never won a trophy on 'M! Countdown' before, YooA's speech was taken by some fans to be "inconsiderate and unfeeling", that not mentioning ASTRO would have been better for all.

While she might have had the best intentions, the netizens who called her out left comment such as: 

"I don't dislike YooA, but I didn't like what she said...but I didn't understand why she had to directly had to mention ASTRO."

"It all depends on the AROHA -- a fellow AROHA told me that they weren't put off by it but I was personally offended. After she said it herself, the atmosphere immediately became awkward. Did she really have to utter the other running group? I would have been less offended had she said, 'Let us win one more time next week!' rather than telling us to win it some other time, after they had just won. How can anybody be jolly after not winning #1?"

"It's not like she did something critically wrong, but the comment could be taken uncomfortably by some."

"Thought it was a bit rude..."

However, other netizens defended YooA, leaving comments such as:

"Really...are you going to criticize her for this? I just thought that since Oh My Girl and ASTRO became close because of 'The Red Shoes', and since during 'Music Bank' they would sing each other's killing parts, the atmosphere would have been friendly enough then, even among the fandoms. That day, some AROHAS even thanked her for mentioning ASTRO's name, and Miracles also cried when they saw ASTRO winning #1 the other time. Our fandoms are very close right now, so don't try to disrupt it by posting this kind of stuff please...."

"I was startled but not offended..."

"But if you see YooA, you can definitely tell that she was just very perky and didn't mean any harm... not like a cunning fox? lol. I'm sure this is just something to laugh about, not something put it permanently in a post... there are too many other things in the world to criticize..."

What are your opinions on this issue?

*The original sentence was incomplete.

  1. ASTRO
  2. Oh My Girl
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quark1239511,316 pts Monday, May 25, 2020 1
Monday, May 25, 2020

YooA: Hey it would cool if my friends won too.

Netizens: Rooting for your friends? Rude!


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Secretninja3123,986 pts Monday, May 25, 2020 0
Monday, May 25, 2020

Jeez, must these netizens pick apart every little thing idols say and twist it in to something negative? I don't see any ill intent in her words. Fans get so caught up in music shows being a competition between groups that you forget most of these groups are actually friends with one another and genuinely do like to see each other succeed.



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