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The Analysis of Ending Fairy

Jungkook of BTS went viral for his Ending fairy with his iconic hand gesture (which has meaning “I love you” in sign language) while winking from BTS’ Boy With Love comeback. Irene of Red Velvet became headline for her goddess look as the ending fairy of Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette performance. Chaeyeon also went viral as the legendary ending fairy with her cute and innocent look in the end of Produce 101 performance. But what is exactly ending fairy? When was this term first published? What is the requirement of being the ending fairy? How could an Ending fairy go viral? This analysis will discover all about Ending Fairy.

What is ending fairy?

Ending fairy or in Korean it is called 엔딩요정 (pronunced: en-ding yo-jeong). From Cambridge dictionary, the word Ending is a noun which means the last part of the process. In this context, ending means the last part of K-Pop stage performance. Meanwhile yo-jeong in English means fairy. But why does it called fairy? Why not ending flower? Why not ending face? Why not ending angel? The word yo-jeong is not only means fairy but based on namuwiki the term fairy in Korean daily conversation also means the title given for something or someone which stand out among the other or someone who is really beautiful. In namuwiki Ending fairy is the person who got caught by the camera in the end of a stage performance. Ending fairy also can be addressed to the pose that idol takes on the stage in the end of ther performance. Based on vlive tv, Ending fairy means the phrase that refers to one of the members of the group who end the stage performance with an iconic ending pose. In conclusion, Ending fairy is a term that is used to describe one of the members of a group that stand out and got caught by the camera in the end of the stage performance with certain pose that blow away the audiences who watch them.

When was this term first published?

There is no specific date for the first time the term Ending fairy was brought to public. But, the phrase became one of the most searched keyword back in 2016 when produce 101 was aired. The idol group survival reality show was known for showing the contestants’ face one by one after the performances was done. Some contestants went viral on internet and became trending topic because they looked extremely beautiful as the camera shoot their face. And that was the moment when ending fairy become a usual phrase among Korean and K-Pop fans around the world.

What is the requirement to be the ending fairy?

What makes this member of the idol group become ending fairy? Actually there are no written rules for being the ending fairy. Sometimes it is according to the cameramen’s preferences as well. When it comes to an idol group that perform in a weekly music program, the visual of the group (group visual is one member of the group that is the most good looking and frequently got shoot the most compared to the other members) usually gets the ending fairy. However, the member who is not the visual but looks really photogenic or the member which fits the most with the concept of the performance also become ending fairy. And then there comes another question. Why there are only several members who get the ending fairy, and not all the members? First, the timing, the very short timing (1 ~ 3 seconds) is not enough to shoot all the members. Second, not everyone can look extremely gorgeous after doing a 3-5 minutes performance (dancing and singing). Imagine you need to keep looking good, no matter how exhausting the performance is and with the sweats all over your face. Man, it’s not easy!

How could an ending fairy go viral?

An ending fairy can go viral because that one member looks exceptionally beautiful as the camera catch him/her. Also, it can go viral if the member does wink, lips biting, or just gasp beautifully. As we can see from Chaeyon’s famous ending fairy, actually she did nothing except just being so pretty on cam while gasping the air. Or, another iconic ending fairy is BTS’ Jungkook that bit his lips as the camera shoot him. Thus, an ending fairy can go viral because the one that caught by the camera does something unexpected and drive the audiences wild.


Unforgettable moment of Ending Fairy in history

My personal favorite ending fairy

Do you have your favorite ending fairy? 

  1. Jungkook
  2. Jung Chae Yeon
  3. Jackson
  4. Ryujin
  5. Jaehyun
  6. Jaemin
  7. Irene
  8. Park Ji Hoon
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