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JYP having 2 Yuna’s


JYP Entertainment currently has 2 girls with the exact same name, being Yuna. Shin Yuna of Itzy, and Ahn Yuna of Nizi Project.

While the lineup hasn’t been officially set in stone for Nizi Project as of yet, it is highly likely Ahn Yuna will make the team.

This creates the question of how the two will differentiate. Despite the group being mainly focused in Japan, Nizi Project will have Korean & Global activities, so Ahn Yuna will have a spotlight just like Shin Yuna.

It will be interesting to see how JYP goes about it.

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    Friday, April 3, 2020

    Awww~~ so nice girls. I wish all the best to both.

    JYP really likes the name : 'ユ ナ' 😊😉, i really like ユ ナ name too. so beautiful name!



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    Friday, April 3, 2020

    A discussion post needs a relevant question for us to discuss. What is it exactly that we are discussing? If your final statement of “It will be interesting to see how JYP goes about it“ is the discussion topic,then there are 2 answers, either a stage name will be granted or they’ll just keep her name and have 2 idols named Yuna, not exactly a discussion that warrants a full article on the main site. I understand where your point is about them being under the same company and both going to be engaging in global activities, I understand why you’re questioning how JYP night work around this as well as wanting to hear thoughts from others, I really do. However, AKP’s main site is a tabloid/news site and discussions in sites like this isn’t just a conversation about anything. They’re supposed to provide detailed information and create a deeper conversation into current affairs or broader topics - basically open up a rabbit hole that gets people thinking and even questioning their current beliefs and ideologies in a thoughtful, respectful and engaging manner..... There isn’t really a lot of depth to the discussion, it’s a situation that has 2 possible outcomes if she debuts. Now, the way you’re responding to some of these comments just isn’t ok. I can see that there were rude comments and you’ve responded in a way that gives it back to them (fair enough) but there are comments that have no rude connotations and you’ve responded to those with just as much hostility. You have not created an environment where people are going to want to have a discussion with you. You have the mentality of “I’m right and what I say goes so fuck everyone else”


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