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Actress Jeon So Min's brother reveals family has been suffering from malicious comments


Jeon So Min's brother revealed the actress' family has been suffering from malicious comments.

Jeon So Min has been receiving malicious comments from overseas and domestically as she's not an original member of 'Running Man', and it seems the hate is also being sent to her younger brother on social media.

On April 13, Jeon So Min's younger brother shared the below story on Instagram along with the caption, "I get so many of these." The Instagram story reveals a number of negative comments, saying, "The day Jeon So Min appeared on 'Running Man' is the day her whole family was cursed," "Get out of 'Running Man', Jeon So Min," "Either kick out Jeon So Min from 'Running Man' or her family should constantly be cursed," and more.

As previously reported, Jeon So Min is currently taking a break from 'Running Man' due to severe fatigue.

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TALT222 pts Tuesday, April 14, 2020 8
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I saw that even on RM official post. Many of them are from SEA and mostly Vietnam that has "chong" or "nguyen" on their nickname. Especially SJH fans that complain about her screentime without knowing the basic of entertainment. The time has changed, the member can't actively running around at their age so impossible to create racing game (that SJH mostly will shine) each week. And unfortunately SJH need to adapt and just recently found her character as "cavewoman" that make her get more screentime and previously also about famous character (forgot who is that) that come out on quiz. Meanwhile JSM always throw a bomb that make situation hilarious, even YJS often trying to partner up with her on some skit, that make editor can't help but to keep that moment for airing.


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alexandra9304669 pts Tuesday, April 14, 2020 0
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I remember when I heard RM was getting 2 new members I was a bit hestitant but I thought I have to give them a chance and I did. Somin and Seechan has done great since their first episode. They brought 2 new colors to RM. They don't deserve the hate they recieve. I feel like the haters are people that never even gave them a chance and it makes me sad. Sure changes are hard but sometimes/alot of times good things come out of them. So give them a chance please❤



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