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TXT Hueningkai's Sister apparently passed YGs 1st round Audition


Recently it became public that TXT Hueningkai's little sister "Bahiye" has passed the first Round Audition of YG Entertainment and apparently wants to be an idol under YG Ent.

This caused some discussions on why she choose YG Ent out of all the other entertainment companies. But it seems like she wants to go her own path and made her decision to try to Join YG.

Like her older brother Hueningkai & her sister Lea she wants to become an idol. Seems like their whole family are not only Talented but also really beautiful!

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1234xyz3,577 pts Sunday, March 15, 2020 6
Sunday, March 15, 2020

Ok. I'm probably gonna get downvoted alot but I'm just gonna say it. I'm also saying this to both sides of people so don't lash at me for being biased because I am clearly not gonna.

It's HER decision. There is of no use making this a huge fuss and throwing fights for because no one forced her to. She decided to choose and try YG. If she is satisfied, let her achieve her dreams her way. It's her choice and she has all rights to make up her mind. If none of you are happy with her decision then I suggest you keep it to yourself instead of lashing it on her, the agency or anyone else

That being said, I'm gonna wish her all the very best for her next auditions (I heard there were 2 more for her to pass) and if she does make it as a trainee, then I'm gonna say welcome to YG fam~ ❤


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quark123957,798 pts Sunday, March 15, 2020 1
Sunday, March 15, 2020

Why would people just automatically assume siblings would be in the same company? I don't know a ton of people who work for the same company as their sibling regardless of what industry it is.


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