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Korean netizens react to Trump's criticism of 'Parasite' winning 'Best Picture' at the Oscars


Korean netizens are reacting to Donald Trump's mocking criticism of 'Parasite'. 

The U.S. president recently stated in a rally at Colorado Springs on February 20 that "How bad were the Oscars this year? ...The winner is … a movie from South Korea. What the hell was that all about? We’ve got enough problems with South Korea, with trade. On top of it they give them the best movie of the year. Was it good? I don’t know.” 

His xenophobic criticism of the film has since earned him scathing criticism from many, including Parasite's distributor NEON who fired this gorgeous retort: 

"Understandable, he can't read."

The news has since made its way to the Korean news cycle, and netizens have been reacting in amusement, stating: 

"How is something like that a president?"

"LOL Americans are so cool. They can just make comebacks like and say their president can't read."

"The ironic thing is he is a Parasite."

"I knew Trump was an attention wh*re but I didn't know he was this stupid?"

'Parasite' has since been basking in the glory of its monumental win at the Oscars while Trump faces re-election in 2020. 

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Azure_Aurora2,266 pts Friday, February 21, 2020 28
Friday, February 21, 2020

He is a horrible, stupid man who hasn't aged mentally since he was a 5 years old spoilt brat!! Complete trash! Blatant racism coming from the president of a "the melting pot".


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RationalK700 pts Friday, February 21, 2020 8
Friday, February 21, 2020

Trump: making you facepalm so hard you wake up 10 minutes later because you knocked yourself out since 2016.


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