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Get to know the 9 members of Starship Entertainment's upcoming new boy group


Earlier this week, Starship Entertainment official announced that their new 9-member boy group, currently only known as 'Starshipz', will be debuting by the first half of 2020!

Many of you already know some of the members of this new Starship boy group from 'Produce X 101', including former X1 members Kang Min Hee and Song Hyeong Jun. Here's your chance to get to know all 9-members, at least by name and age, until Starship Entertainment decides to release more details!

Ahn Sung Min (2003)

Allen (speculated to be either 1999 or 1998)

Kim Tae Young (2003)

Park Se Rim (1999)

Seo Woo Bin (2000)

Goo Jung Mo (2000)

Ham Won Jin (2001)

Kang Min Hee (2002)

Song Hyeong Jun (2002)

Meanwhile, netizens are currently sharing their excitement for the upcoming boy group with comments like, "Seo Woo Bin reminds me of Pentagon's Hui", "Hmm, curious about the other 5 members' talents", "This is too many members... can't they just have the 4 'Produce' boys, a main vocal, and like one more visual?", "They all have a refreshing vibe keke. I'm a sucker for 'boyish' concepts", "Okay for now, I like the checkered coat", "At least with the 'Produce' members, they have a good starting fanbase", "They haven't even debuted yet and there's already a lot of buzz", and more. 

Some netizens are also taking guesses regarding the group's name, based on the hashtags used for the above selcas like #Astar'sday and #littleSTAR. (One suggested 'Planet Boys', as a sibling group to Cosmic Girls!)

Are you excited to see Starship's new boy group debut?

  1. Song Hyeong Jun
  2. Kang Min Hee
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vavd1391972031,836 pts Saturday, February 15, 2020 0
Saturday, February 15, 2020

I could hardly recognize Min Hee with his dark hair! There's no mistaking Hyeong Jun though, such a cute baby! Glad to see them moving on to hopefully better things. God knows they deserved a better hand that the one they were dealt!



beat_it102 pts Saturday, February 15, 2020 0
Saturday, February 15, 2020

ok someone here looks like hyungwon , another one who looks like IM and another memebr who look like Renjun from nct dream



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