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Actress Jung Yoo Mi writes letter to fans after dating news with Kangta


Actress Jung Yoo Mi has written a letter to fans after she and Kangta confirmed they were dating.

After Kangta and Jung Yoo Mi were wrapped up in a second round of dating rumors, their labels SM Entertainment and Ace Factory confirmed the two stars are currently in a romantic relationship on February 4. In response, the actress has spoken up on Instagram in a message to fans. She wrote:

"Hello, this is Jung Yoo Mi.

I'm leaving this message to personally write to those who were shocked by the news today and those are cheering me on.

I've carefully started a sincere relationship recently with someone who was a good friend and sunbae.

I thought about it carefully and opened my heart, so I thought it was right that I tell you my thoughts personally.

Apart from my projects, I was careful and I worried about revealing my personal love life, but I don't want to deny what I decided and chose to do. On the other hand, starting a public relationship is difficult and scary for me, but I'm looking forward to the idea that it may lead to better things.

I want to let you know what I have a lot of gratitude for those who are always supporting me. I sincerely thank you always.

I hope that my precious people will all have a day without pain when they can laugh."

In related news, Jung Yoo Mi and Kangta of H.O.T fame were rumored to have been dating since the summer of last year and were allegedly spotted on Jeju Island together.

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I still have issues with the fact that in S.Korea celebrities almost have to apologize for being dating or justifying themselves, it's ridiculous. But, anyways, good for them, may them be happy.


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deadbysociaty306 pts 14 days ago 0
14 days ago

date all u want, with who u comfy to. no need to feels sorry abt it. that ur personal life... and ppl need to stay the fuck out of it. thats what i think. single or not u are an good actress.



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