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Yoon Jong Shin asks fellow musicians to stop fighting among themselves and stop focussing on chart rankings


On January 7, veteran singer Yoon Jong Shin took to his Instagram to give a word of input regarding the ongoing 'sajaegi' controversy in the music industry. 

The issue surrounding 'sajaegi' on domestic music charts resurfaced recently due to an episode of SBS's 'Unanswered Questions', where the program raised additional accusations against various artists. 

Via his Instagram, Yoon Jong Shin shared his two cents as he wrote, "Please don't fight... among blameless musicians... it's the playing field which is in the wrong... what's the point of watching the charts every hour.. No stats in platform. Instead, focus on 'Me'. If you would still rather have the chart, then go ask the chart man." 

Other artists including Sunmi, IU, HyunA, and more have also spoken up regarding the ongoing 'sajaegi' controversy, as accusations continue to rise. Meanwhile, singer Yoon Jong Shin is currently overseas fulfilling his 'Nomad Project', in celebration of the 10th anniversary of his 'Monthly Yoon Jong Shin' series. 

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BIGBANG_VIP_4eva6,248 pts Monday, January 6, 2020 4
Monday, January 6, 2020

This! Yes, charts and awards and all that sort of stuff is fun and exciting but it’s more rewarding when it’s based on genuine love and not just for getting some sort of record. Some of the best songs and best music videos don’t even make it to the mainstream but the artists still put out the most high quality content because of the passion. Idols wouldn’t spend their childhoods the way they do training 18 hours a day if they didn’t have passion for what they do. Don’t let the charts and numbers get in the way of actually taking the time to appreciate the effort and hardwork that goes into the music


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AnonymousInsider562 pts Monday, January 6, 2020 10
Monday, January 6, 2020

But when I say they don't matter, I'm toxic...

I've been saying this. The awards are not about the music. It's about popularity. Not to mentions fans cheating and breaking rules by using multiple accounts, streaming parties, etc. It's not worth it. These awards, even if legit, are not a marker for success.


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