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Insider says Gary & Gil will not reunite as Leessang


Insider says Gary and Gil will not reunite as Leessang.

Gil has been receiving some attention after appearing on the Channel A program 'Eye Contact', where he revealed he'd been married and had a child during his hiatus, and Gary recently made his comeback with his son on 'Superman is Back'. 

With their comeback, fans have been wondering if they will ever reunite as Leessang, but on January 29, an insider revealed to media outlets that there will be no comeback from the duo. The insider, who previously worked at the Leessang Company, stated, "There's no difference from an actual disbandment from Leessang in 2016."

The insider continued, "They recently returned to TV programs around the same time, but they don't even talk and it's not a comeback that they planned. It's just a coincidental overlap, but there's no possibility for a reunion. The two people know this well too."

Stay tuned for updates. 

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MackLee2364 pts 30 days ago 2
30 days ago

When they were a duo and ran their company together they had a lot of issues. They made mistakes they had to pay people back. Gil had several DUIs.and I'm sure there's much more that we don't know about because they handle their business much differently than others. And a lot of it was kept quiet. I'm very happy for Kang Gary. His little family is adorable.


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maragana1,446 pts 30 days ago 0
30 days ago

This is sad to hear. We probably won't know the full details of why Gary and Gil won't ever work together again. There's speculation about whether or not it's bc of Gil's repeat DUIs but this is still all speculation. Considering how Gary is reluctant to talk to the Running Man members (and didn't even know about his marriage and child), this isn't completely shocking news. I hope they can reunite in the future. Leessang were my favorite hip-hop duo/ group after Epik High.



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