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Foreign stalker of TWICE's Mina reportedly questioned by police for visiting her home in Japan


An alleged stalker of TWICE member Mina has been questioned by police after being reported by Mina's family, when he tried visiting her in her home in Japan.

The foreign fan reportedly went to Japan to see Mina. The account of events were posted by the fan himself as he expressed his disappointment on the female idol. He wrote:

"So I was just leaving the hotel and then the police stopped me and asked for my name and told me I will not be detained but if please I could go to the commissary and talk with them. They took me in the car to the commissary and talked with me with a Spanish translator. They told me that Mina's family is very scared of me. At that moment I was like... seriously?? Do I look like a murderer or something? They told me that I haven't done anything illegal but I have to stop doing it. We had a conversation for like 4 hours telling them my reasons, how much I spent, how I found her, I even showed them the gifts I bought for Mina. So I had to write on a paper like I'm not going to do that again and I'm free to go. They offered to take me to the airport when I leave. Was this really necessary, Mina? You could have just said "no" and I would have left. You're scared of me? Am I a monster to you? If I really was a bad person I would leak your home address but I won't because I'm a better person than you will ever be... I only committed a crime of loving someone, ringing her doorbell and leaving love letter in the mailbox just to get completely ignored and call the police."

Fans have expressed their growing concern on the matter as Mina is still undergoing treatment and is recovering from severe anxiety, which prompted her to halt participation in group schedule last year.

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Andrada23974,700 pts Thursday, January 23, 2020 11
Thursday, January 23, 2020

Another stalker? Jeez... and he's all offended and acts like Mina is the bad person for calling the police on him... you're a complete stranger showing up at a woman's door with whatever intentions, do you expect her to think that's romantic? That's just creepy, that's what it is.


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borahae6,620 pts Thursday, January 23, 2020 4
Thursday, January 23, 2020

stalkers lack understanding of what invasion of privacy is, they cannot tell the difference between knocking on friend's door and their celeb crush's because they develop a one-sided attachment and feeling like their celeb crush is their friend. they have a very low EQ so they lack basic social skills and cannot properly empathize. they cannot understand that they are doing something wrong, and celebrity in a situation like this is very lucky when their stalker is sane overall :/


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