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Fans clarify NU'EST W's "sajaegi" accusations


Fans of NU'EST spoke out against NU'EST W's "sajaegi" accusations. 

During the January 4th episode of SBS' 'Unanswered Questions', one of the anonymous interviewees shared that he has received over 40 confirmation emails for purchasing a song over a course of three days. He also said he received confirmation emails for creating 46 accounts, showing some were even generated back to back within less than a minute. 

Netizens accused NU'EST W of "sajaegi" based on the dates on the confirmation emails and the meaning of generated IDs. The revealed dates aligned with the date NU'EST W released the song on a streaming site and the IDs had the meaning only the fans of NU'EST would understand such as 'compass27', 'opti38 (refers to the member's favorite character, Optimus Prime)', and 'mango853 (nickname of the member)'. 

The above screenshot shows the dates on the confirmation emails for purchasing a song and the below screenshot shows the timestamps when the new IDs were generated. 

A team of fans in charge of streaming NU'EST's songs has come forward to clear NU'EST W's name. The team released an official statement on their cafe saying, "You can create Gini music accounts with fake or randomized emails. Sometimes one can create an account with an email that belongs to someone else. One can also verify the account with unrelated credentials." 

In other words, it is entirely possible that the email and phone number used to create an account, and the identity used to verify the account can belong to three different people. 

The team emphasized, "We never created accounts by generating IDs ourselves or stealing identities of others. We abandon all the collected personal data right after the group finishes its promotion. This is a part of fandom activities to promote the group which clearly differs from "sajaegi" that trades monetary profits."

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CarloCarroll0 pt Saturday, January 4, 2020 0
Saturday, January 4, 2020

who cares all fandoms manipulate the charts thats not a SECRET LOL, what the problem is when companies do it by paying a random fishing site to generate mass accounts and stream and pay millions, fandoms doing it isnt right either, but like these streaming sites and the artists get the money either way, i mean even if you have a account you CANT stream unless you BUY a pass so i mean idk which is the lesser evil ? id say the fandoms at least its actual fans trying hard to support their artists, it means the artists are actually well loved, vs. a company paying a fishing site to generate fake popularity 🙌



L_catzzz895 pts Saturday, January 4, 2020 0
Saturday, January 4, 2020

Regardless, it's all just a manipulation at this point. Acts with no or lesser fandom will hardly able to compete with acts that do. So they just use another form of manipulation anyway. Both are technically wrong.



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