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Insider reveals that some artists pay up to 80 million KRW (~67,292 USD) for sajaegi (chart manipulation)


An insider source has revealed the shocking amount of money some artists pay to manipulate charts.

Sajaegi (chart manipulation) has become a heavy topic among netizens after Park Kyung publicly called out a number of artists (including VIBE, Kim Na Young, Yang Da Il, and more) resulting in a lot of drama. 

'One Night of TV Entertainment' revealed the shocking details after an insider came forward with new information on the December 3rd broadcast of the show.

The insider revealed that some artists pay up to 80 million KRW (~67,292 USD) to manipulate charts. This can be a good return on investment because the income can result in the billions (KRW) if the song charts in the top 10. PC rooms using different IDs are used until the early hours of the night to raise the song's ranking. The insider also revealed that many companies who use this tactic also use viral marketing strategies, often attributing the song's success to that. 

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

kyung did well



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Thursday, December 5, 2019

So I am guessing 67K$ is when they make a comeback with EXO,IU,BP,BTS, SNSD and etc. Its always weird how random songs that I do hear in the end bc of pure curiosity end up number 1 when they are millions of fans of big groups streaming. VIXX Ravi also hinted that people use sajaegi to sabotage EXO and become number 1...I guess it would be worth the risk if they invest 67K$ but earn more because people streamed it because it was number or in the top 10. Still its quite unfair...That gives me another thaught is it possible that lets say competition companies pay for sajaegi of unknown people on purpose to bloc certain artists? It could be possible after all even Billboard can be manipulated with album bundles and shipping to make longevity hence why Billboard is making new rules prob because of Capitol records and their shady tactics


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