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[Album Review] ONE – 'PRVT 01'


ONE – 'PRVT 01'

Track List:

1. Hard to Love

2. Nineteen

3. You Love It

4. Victoria

5. GZB

6. What a Night

7. Instinct

8. Night Time Ride

9. Angel

10. Who

11. Don't Know Anything

12. Frankly

13. Alive

14. Swift

15. Stone

16. Last Cigarette

ONE has released his long-awaited album 'PRVT 01.' And since you waited a long time, he's got a lot of music for you – 16 tracks, clocking in at nearly 50 minutes. You might remember he announced his departure from YG Entertainment in July (probably because 2 songs in 2 years is sad). He's now with his own indy label PRIVATE ONLY. This LP is likely what he came up over a two-year span (that's conjecture only, unconfirmed but logical).

Rather than give you a blow-by-blow over 16 tracks (which would be a huge TLDR), I thought I'd give you the highlights and my general thoughts.

He drags his rough voice over the opener, "Hard to Love." This song is a soft R&B. He didn't do too bad in the beginning, but his natural timbre comes out in the main verses. "GZB" is probably one of my favorites. It's got a fuzzy guitar riff, and it is one of the more lively tunes on the LP. "Stone" is another standout track, featuring clashing cymbals and an FT Island brand of rock n roll that really does kick things up a notch. If the first track was laid-back, the second one, "Nineteen," had more of a melody to it. 

"Victoria" has more of a hip-hop vibe to it. That's really what I was hoping for with this release. "I Don't Know Anything" is more alt-rock than anything else, and reminds me of nothing so much as grunge. "Last Cigarette" gave me those vibes, as well, with loud guitars and a somewhat subdued delivery. It's an interesting capper to an eclectic selection.

There doesn't appear to be an MV, either. 

For not being a proper rock album, this has a lot of guitar influences in it. Which is far from a bad thing. It gives the album sort of a rough edge and a lot more authenticity than can be found in a synth backing track. His voice is not dissimilar to Junhyung's (BEAST, Highlight). The album is drenched in autotune, though, which I'm not a fan of. A little bit goes a long way there, so I'm not sure what that was about. Still, if you're a fan, this should more than satisfy you until his next release.


Album Production.....8
Album Concept
: 8.0


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