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Former girl group member accuses agency CEO of sexual harassment


A former girl group member has come out with allegations of sexual harassment against an entertainment agency CEO.

On October 18, YTN revealed an interview with the former girl group member, 26-year-old "Han." She alleged the CEO refused to apologize after sexually harassing her and threatened to kick her from the girl group, causing her to leave the group voluntarily. 

According to Han, she was practicing choreography with her members during the afternoon of August 1, and the agency CEO compared her dance moves to sex, making shameful comments. She stated, "My hands and feet suddenly started shaking. From where he was watching, he made one more comment and looked straight at me as he said, 'Do it again.' He was smiling." Though Han asked for an apology, the CEO refused to give one.

Han also stated the CEO often visited her former group's dormitory with no warning, even in the middle of night, and screamed at the members to open the door. The CEO again refused to apologize, and she made the decision to leave the group despite their rising fame and quit her career as an idol after 3 years of work.

She said on her thoughts at the time, "What should I do in the future? All I know is acting, dancing, and singing. Honestly, all I know is being on stage. I'm scared. I'm very scared."

A rep fro the CEO stated he intended to apologize for the "joke," but he was unable to contact Han, who is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment. However, Han plans to take legal action against the CEO.

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ilovekingjunhui416 pts Friday, October 18, 2019 5
Friday, October 18, 2019

Really sick of perverts making people's lives hell while they're just trying to work and then passing it off as a "joke"


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SaeJungShin189 pts Friday, October 18, 2019 8
Friday, October 18, 2019

Joke?!!! Sexually harassing a person is a joke to you?!! When you get your ass behind the bars for this crime, consider the jail time as a joke as well. Let's see how long will you laugh on that "JOKE"


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