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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Thursday, October 31, 2019

7 Times Idols Played The '1 Second Song Quiz'


We all love variety shows that give us insight into what our idols are like when faced with a particular challenge. There’s nothing funnier than seeing an idol rising to a difficult challenge and coming up with hilarious ways to solve it! ARIRANG TV’s “1 Second Game” and “1 Second Song Quizzes” take variety to a new, speedy level. Idols are forced to answer or figure out something with only 1 second of a track available to them.

7. ONF’s 1 Second Quiz

ONF’s 1 Second Quiz is honestly impressive beyond compare. Before we could even process a sound getting played, they were able to name the songs that were playing. It’s probably due to the must-win nature of the maknae spurring on the other members to get super competitive! True chaotic energy personified by this 1-second challenge!

6. ONEWE’s 1 Second Song Quiz

ONEWE’s hilarious personalities were the shining star of their 1 Second Song Quiz! We especially loved the part where Harin says “ONEWE Sunbaenim” as if he’s not a part of the group he’s talking about. This 1-second song quiz is a great indication of how natural personalities can shine in variety segments like this!

5. Jeong Sewoon, Heejun, and Woosung’s 1 Second Song Quiz

One of the funniest and hardest 1 Second Song Quizzes goes to the one done by Sewoon, Heejun, and Woosung! Netizens think they didn’t let Jimin play because she wouldn’t have gotten every answer right, so instead, we got to watch these three flounder with difficulty while playing the game, which led to a gut-busting, hilarious video.

4. AB6IX’s 1 Second Quiz

AB6IX only debuted this year, but have been consistently winning over fans with a combination of good looks and charm. Plus, the funniest takeaway from this 1 Second Quiz video is the fact that they called Stray Kids, “Stray Kids Sunbaenim” which made almost everyone watching start to feel old.

3. ASC MCs and Woosung’s 1 Second Song Quiz

The After School Club MCs and Woosung teamed up for this special edition of 1 Second Song Quiz. The MCs always bring the most vibrant energy to After School Club, so it’s no surprise that they blew this challenge out of the water. Shoutout to Jimin for not being able to recognize Eric’s music despite working together for so long on ASC!

2. VAV’s 1 Second Song Quiz

VAV’s group split into two for this particular 1 Second Song Quiz challenge and seriously got “massaged” when half of the group lost! The penalty is getting a “fierce massage” which looked painful in retrospect, but mostly hilarious for us viewers at home. One netizen even said, “VAV faster than my internet connection”!

1. LABOUM’s 1 Second Game

LABOUM’s cheerful personalities were the center of this 1 Second Game! They had some trouble identifying certain songs, which made the struggle of this variety game all the funnier. Some of the members were super fans of some of the groups in the challenge, but still couldn’t name the song! Challenging, but cute!

What group do you want to see do the 1 Second Quiz Game next? Comment below with idols you want to see rise up to the challenge!

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