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Taeyeon shares how proud she was of YoonA in 'Exit' during her 'High Cut' pictorial + interview


Girls' Generation's Taeyeon awed with her glowing beauty once again for the latest issue of 'High Cut' magazine, partnering up with 'Givenchy Beauty'!

In her pictorial, Taeyeon tried on various colors of 'Givenchy's signature 'Le Rouge' lipsticks, including deep red, hot pink, coral, etc. In her interview, Taeyeon opened up about Girls' Generation's recent 12th anniversary celebration, saying, "August marks 'Girls' Generation Party' month. There are members' birthdays, and our anniversary, so we start planning for what we should do from the end of July. This time, we got together and ate food that we liked, and gossiped. The members are my friends for life. There are times when I feel worn from work, and we find that we find great comfort in one another during those time."

Next, Taeyeon shared her pride for her fellow members in their respective, solo careers. "I'm so proud and happy seeing the members doing well. I recently watched the movie 'Exit' and saw YoonA running for her life, and I felt a mixture of pity and joy because I knew that she was doing her best like YoonA always does. I'm sure the other members felt the same," the idol remarked fondly. 

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elf4ever201,089 pts Thursday, September 5, 2019 0
Thursday, September 5, 2019

As expected, Everyone loves and admires to The Amazing Queen YOONA!😍, she deserves it, she is The Queen of Queens, Yoona is the # 1 most chosen Kpop artist and K-actor as the Role Model or the Ideal Type by many stars (artists, idols, actors, athletes, models, etc) in WORLD! . Yoona is the best female role model in Korea industry! Her genuine philanthropism for long years, Her brilliant talents and skills with her great achievements and amazing successes obtained thanks to her hard work, talents, intelligence and great humility without privileges nor scandals turned her an inspiration, a prodigy, an icon, an ideal type and a role model for many artists, idols, actors, athletes, models and ppl in general, they feel proud of her. She is even an inspiration or role model for her group snsd and members. remember when sooyoung said she started paying her taxes responsibly because of yoona, she inspired her. Yoona always loved the art of cooking and also the art of photography (actor ingeok said that yoona is also a good photographer, she loves nature, one of her favorite scenarios is the sky and the sea, yoona has thousands of thousands of photos about different angles and artistic scenarios of the sky and the skies in every place she goes), now I see almost all the snsd member trying to learn the art of cooking or the art of photography, that's good.

I hope that snsd can to have a comeback soon, and if this is not possible, then I want everyone (all of them, the ot9, not just ot8 or ot5) to achieve great success, I'm sure Yoona wants everyone to be very successful and happy. Yoona is so wonderful and so big supportive as always, she always supporting her members despite the fact that she always 's too busy working. Yoona loves to all the snsd members.

* Yoona is so beautiful inside and outside!!*😍



sandra2ne1black275 pts Wednesday, September 4, 2019 10
Wednesday, September 4, 2019

LMAO!!!! i cant stop laugh, taeyeon always was ridiculously false and so seeker before but now is many more lol😂

Jessica must to be laughing so hard of taeyeon's new false personality of "good person" lmao.


I don't believe taeyeon's words, she must to be feeling a mixture of envy, jealousy and hatred for Yoona's huge successes as always, I don't think taeyeon feels a sincere and healthy pride of Yoona's huge successes. Yoona and almost all snsd members should get away from false friends like taeyeon.


Yoona is too good friend for taeyeon,

Yoona is the angel or god, while taeyeon is the devil or evil


Still remember in 2014 when ex-sones wrote: "8 words to define "who is taeyeon": Racist, Seeker, Liar, Selfish, Overrated, Envious, hypocritical and FALSE" , Ex-sones also said that taeyeon always was the the worst female leader from a girl group. (i agree) Yoona, Sooyoung, Seohyun and even Tiffany can to be better leader of snsd because they have more aptitude to be True Good Leaders, specially Yoona and Sooyoung.



congrats to Yoona's huge success with her movie exit, she is very talented and powerful, and congrats to Tiffany's new mv, magnetic moon is awesome. her vocal is amazing. i like tiffany's new songs, her voice has color. Yoona and Tiffany should make a collab together. yuri, hyo, seo, sun and soo should make a collab. too.


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