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Red Velvet, Cosmic Girls, Stray Kids, & ITZY members talk about their plans to spend Chuseok with their families


The life of a K-Pop idol can be extremely busy and hectic, almost to the point that you don't get to see your family even during major holidays. Fortunately, these idol groups will have a chance to spend this year's Chuseok holidays at home!

In light of the big Chuseok weekend from September 12-15, members from idol groups Red Velvet, Cosmic Girls, Stray Kids, and ITZY shared their own plans for their well-deserved vacation. Check out their messages below. 

Red Velvet's Joy revealed, "I'm planning to spend this Chuseok with my family and my pet dog Haetnim, eating delicious food. ReVeluvs, I hope you all have a happy Chuseok! Eat a lot of delicious foods, and listen to Red Velvet!" Yeri also stated, "I hope that everyone I love will be healthy and happy. I want to be with them all for a very long time. This Chuseok, I think I'll find healing time while being with my family. I hope everyone eats delicious foods, meets the family members you've missed, and laughs abundantly." 

The Cosmic Girls members looked back on their career and achievements so far, while wishing to grow even more as artists. The members collectively relayed, "I think each of the members will all be able to spend this Chuseok with our families this year. We plan on eating tons of delicious foods, meeting up with friends, and enjoying the vacation. Hopefully, it'll be a good chance to recharge so that Cosmic Girls can have strength in more active promotions to come. Please also sit together with your families and watch special programs such as the 'Idol Star Athletics Championship' or 'V-1' with Cosmic Girls, to enjoy your holidays even more."

The Stray Kids members were also enthusiastic to reveal some of their own holidays plans with fans! Bang Chan shared, "I am planning to go visit my extended family in Korea for the first time in a while. Our Stays, rest well and eat a lot this Chuseok!" Woojin commented, "I'll be seeing my extended family at my grandmother's house, and I'm also going to the beach."

Changbin said, "I'll be spending the holidays with my family, and also meeting up with my friends. Stays, I hope you have a good time and eat good food!" Seungmin shared, "First, I'll go back to my family home, and then go visit my grandmother. If I have the chance, I want to help my family cook for the holidays." Finally, I.N. revealed, "I'll spend Chuseok with my family and my friends in Busan. Stays, rest well and eat tons and tons! But if you eat too recklessly because it's all tasty, you might get sick so be careful!"

Last but not least, here are the ITZY members' plans for the Chuseok holidays! Chaeryung started off with, "I'll be spending time with my family, eating delicious foods and watching movies! And this year, we all plan to catch the broadcast of ITZY's first ever 'Idol Star Athletics Championship'! I hope everyone spends a happy Chuseok, watching ITZY!"

Ryujin said, "I plan to enjoy the holidays with my family and our two cats, and recharge for our upcoming promotions! MIDZYs, Chuseok is all about the delicious foods! Please eat until your stomachs get as round as the full moon during Chuseok, and let's all be happy!" Yeji remarked, "It's my first Chuseok as a member of ITZY. I'll be seeing my family, and also looking back on our 'ICY' promotions." 

Yuna shared, "I plan on sharing all the stories that I didn't have a chance to share with my family! It'll also be a good time to recharge so that I don't lose my energy as a member of ITZY." And Lia wrapped up with, "I want to build up more memories with my families, and also take a lot of photos to show MIDZY! I'll return with my energy recharged to full power!"

Happy Chuseok holidays, everyone!

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pink_oracle12,157 pts Thursday, September 12, 2019 0
Thursday, September 12, 2019

You got Chaeryeong's name wrong. If the poor girl didn't already get enough shit now reporters can't even name her properly.



flophater-248 pts Wednesday, September 11, 2019 0
Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Can't imagine how happy Chaeryeong and Chaeyeon's family will be this Chuseok, with both of them succeeding in life.



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