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Netizens spot all the YG artists gathering together for an agency wide meeting + speculate on what it's about


Netizens have spotted all of the YG Entertainment artists gathering at the label's head office location over the weekend.

A recent internet forum post is drawing major attention and buzz after these shots of all the artist cars were seen at YG's head office. 

Speculation on the reasons for this meeting are rampant given the latest scandals and controversies surrounding the label. Comments include: 

"Are they all gathering to do drugs today?"

"Didn't they say that they would drug test their artists every now and then with the drug kit they purchased?"

"Looks like they could be trying to bury something. Did something happen again?"

"Maybe they're drug testing all their artists today?"

"This honestly looks like a mafia gathering."

What do you think?

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Nova_REMIX1,143 pts Monday, September 23, 2019 8
Monday, September 23, 2019

Before anyone diverts to the drug jokes, it’s most likely because the image of YG Entertainment is some shit right now. A lot of artists’ contracts in the coming years are expiring. Plus, a couple YG artists own stock in YGE. With the fact that YGE needs all the money they can get to pay off this upcoming debt, it’s no wonder that they gather all the artists for one of two reasons:

1) To get them to stay and renew their contracts so their image doesn’t go to shit

2) So that they can get some funds back so they can pay back LVMH

They already had their biggest food chain/pub go out of business. They’ll have to sell off more negative assets like Moonshot, Nonagon, etc.


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Anonymous_1875 pts Monday, September 23, 2019 11
Monday, September 23, 2019

Of course they can have a meeting because it is their agency. It's not that necessary for the netizens to comment that way. Why are these knetizens always so negative minded about everything? Not only towards YG but to every celebrity controversies.


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