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K-Pop idol groups that produce their own songs


There has been an increasing trend in the K-Pop industry towards idols taking part in the production process. Some idol groups not only write lyrics and help write melodies but also work throughout the entire process of creating a hit song — from choosing which instruments to layer, to editing and mixing the song to its final version. Producing songs requires a lot of talent and hard work, so it’s not all that common for a group to be entirely self-produced. However, here are some groups that have shown fans their crazy talents in music production!


PENTAGON’s genius leader Hui is famous for his songwriting abilities — he’s produced songs for groups like Shinhwa and Wanna One! Not many fans are aware, however, that all of the members contribute to the creative process of producing music. Former member E’Dawn helped produce “Shine,” Kino worked on “Violet,” and all nine members were involved in the production of “Round 2”!


SEVENTEEN is one of the most well-known self-producing groups. Woozi and Bumzu are responsible for producing and writing most of the group’s songs, including “Very Nice” and “Clap.” In fact, Woozi has also produced songs for other famous artists like Ailee and I.O.I!


The WINNER members don’t only write their lyrics. They also play an active role in the process of producing their music. Yoon and Mino collaborated to produce hit songs “Everyday” and “Really Really,” which includes clever lyrics written by all of the members.

Stray Kids

Stray Kids has its own production unit 3RACHA, which consists of members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han (they go by CB97, SPEARB, and J.ONE, respectively). 3RACHA has produced the majority of Stray Kids’ songs, from their pre-debut track “Hellevator,” to their newest single, “Side Effects.” Furthermore, all of the group’s mixtape tracks are entirely produced and written by the members!


Since the very beginning, G-Dragon has played an active role in producing BIGBANG’s music. He has tons of credits for some of BIGBANG’s hit songs, from old classics like “Lies” to newer releases like “Let’s Not Fall in Love.” T.O.P has also contributed to the creative process, helping with both lyrics and music production.


DAY6 is comprised of talented members who are not only expert instrumentalists and vocalists but also amazing producers. Young K, Jae, Sungjin, and Wonpil were active in the creative process behind their latest release,” Time of Our Life,” while their debut single “Congratulations” was co-composed and written by all of the group members!


Despite being relatively new to the K-Pop industry, (G)-IDLE has shown fans their production skills. Leader Soyeon is an extremely talented songwriter and producer who is behind many of the group’s hits, including “HANN.” Their second EP “I Made” was produced by all members, just like the title.


Ever since 2016, GOT7 has been inserting themselves more and more into their production process. All seven members worked on their EP “Flight Log: Departure” and JB co-composed and co-wrote their 2017 single “You Are.”

iKON (Former member B.I.)

iKON has shared many amazing songs with fans, most of which were produced by former member B.I. He has written more than 50 songs, not just for iKON, but also for other artists like BLACKPINK and Lee Hi. Often times, Bobby works alongside B.I to write the lyrics. Unfortunately, he left the group in 2019.

Block B

Former member Zico is well-known for his out-of-the-world production skills. In fact, he’s produced songs for shows like “Show Me The Money” and “Produce X 101.” In addition to Zico, however, other members including Park Kyung help to produce the group’s songs!


EXID’s Le is an absolute genius when it comes to producing music. In fact, she has helped produce most of EXID’s songs! Some of her most famous songs include “Up & Down” and “Me & You,” which she co-produced with renowned producer Shinsadong Tiger.


BTS’ songs always carry stories of the members’ personal experiences, struggles, and emotions. From the very beginning, the group has been writing their own lyrics and working alongside the Big Hit Entertainment producers. RM, Suga, and J-Hope, in particular, have numerous credits for BTS’ songs.

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  6. GOT7
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  8. Pentagon
  9. Seventeen
  10. Stray Kids
  11. WINNER
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Ennah474 pts Thursday, September 12, 2019 0
Thursday, September 12, 2019

International fans don't appreciate BtoB enough. The group has 3 members who compose music and they do an amazing job at it.



pink_oracle7,449 pts Thursday, September 12, 2019 4
Thursday, September 12, 2019

I think it would be a little more fair to title this, K-Pop idol groups that get the chance to produce their own songs. I'm sure there are other artists who are talented enough to, but their agencies are strict and anti.


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