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Ex-Fiestar Member Reveals How Much The Group Made: 0


Q: Did you guys get paid?

A: Our income was 0 won. Because the company's costumes and props were always so high quality, and that our results in comparison weren't so good. Still, it was still a very good company.
They always gave us allowance. Even though we didn't have any income, when Fiestar was promoting, I still gained priceless experience. We weren't excessively famous, but there are still a lot of people who remember who Fiestar was now. I think that this repays for all the hard times we had during all this time. And it's not like we parted in bad terms. The members are all supporting each other right now. I hope that everyone succeed and find happiness.

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I seriously pity those Pann girls swearing at Cao Lu, let's not ruin our mouths here

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ㅜㅜ When Yezi hit big on Unpretty Rapstar, I thought that it was the opportunity for Fiestar to see the light again, but what a shame. I listened to "You're Pitiful" so much, I hope they will be able to show their own good sides from now on..!!

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Hul is this for real?

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Personally, I find that they were such a waste and I feel so bad for them. The representative of pitiful groups are Spica, Fiestar and Ladies Code... Those 3 groups have such good talents and they were able to fill up the stage and their lives were good too, I always felt bad for their results. Especially Fiestar, they didn't see the light like EXID did

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WJSN and Momoland are still not receiving wage either. To be honest, I would be surprised that Fiestar received one... They have allowances, so their company was acting quite humane towards them

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If I thought with a cold heart, I would say that it would be weirder if they received an income... It's not like they had a hit song and had a lot of events


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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I find it interesting that she says it was worth the experience, you’ll find that with a lot of art careers like animation or performance, few make it big but many barely scrape by but they don’t do it for the money they do it for the art. If you where to go for a job wanting money you would be foolish going for idol as much as you would be going to gamble. Idols don’t do it for the money most of the time, they want to be on stage and that is commendable. Don’t pity these artist because they sacrificed so much, praise them for their hardship and achievements even if they aren’t grand because they where able to perform at all. As someone who does art I find these people brave not sad that they didn’t make money.


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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

It's a shame but it doesn't surprise me. This is becoming more and more of a common factor each day. I say it time and again like a broken record, the K-pop industry is completely oversaturated, and it gets worse every year with new companies popping up and putting all their stock in hopeful trainees who all want to be the next EXO, the next BTS, the next SNSD, the next Twice. But they all fail to realize that one of the biggest factors that made each of those groups pop BESIDES talent was when and how they hit the market. There seems to be an ebb and flow in the industry, and when those tides turn that's when we tend to see the next big group really hit their stride. Especially when you consider that most of those groups didn't always hit huge with their debut, but grew in popularity with time. For example, Twice did well with 'Like Ooh Ah', but they really blew up when they came back with 'Cheer Up'. Same with BTS, as they had a solid debut, but there was nothing about it that really ensured that they would grow to the success they've found as there were many groups debuting with a similar vibe as them, like Monsta X. Even EXO and SNSD, who both had fairly strong debuts, weren't ensured true solidification in the industry from their first songs, but from their comeback stages, which then brought more popularity to their previous music. It's all a game of chance in this industry, and most of the time the odds are stacked against the players.


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