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[Daily Vote Poll] Don't Choose Your Bias Challenge | Queendom Edition


Despite any preconceived opinions you have towards MNET, are you enjoying Queendom? the 6 way competition to find the top girl group in Korea (really just the top out of the 6 included *laughing emoji*).

Okay, show tagline aside I'm loving this show. Now I know a lot of you people dislike the competition side of it and believe it's going to only create fan wars but hear me out on why I thinkit's fascinating:

- the show highlights girl groups only and gives a direct platform (and is successful too)

- the interactions are hilarious and heartwarming + new connections are great for their careers

- it allows the girls to create and perform elaborate stages which are (let's be honest) MAMA/MMA/SBSGD quality

- gives the girls a chance to experiment with their concepts without the worry of releasing a bad/flop album

- really highlights the hard work and input idols have (OMG in episode 4 with studio recording)

- the mix of internationally/domestically popular groups allows exposure to new audiences

Speaking of.....

The last point is what this polls about. If you watch the show, I'd like to know who's really captured your attention in a good way...that's NOT your bias/favorite. I'm sure most of you - just like me - are watching the show because an artist on there is your favorite so the challenge is:

1 - Let me know who your bias is or who you're supporting

2 - VOTE in the below poll for your favorite artist (who is NOT your bias)

3 - Comment below the group you voted for and why you chose them (doesn't have to be elaborate, can be anything that you like about them)

The idea of this is to not only appreciate the other groups but honestly destroy the whole fan war expectation and show that most fans can and do appreciate their biases without putting down others.

Best part is YOU CAN VOTE DAILY. So if your opinion changes as the episodes air, let me know :)

My example:

Park Bom (obviously) is my bias and who I'm supporting throughout this show. I love her voice and just her in general, the quirkiness that makes her who she is. Every time I hear her voice or see her interact with others it just tugs at the heart strings. I'm so happy she's getting the chance to be on stage again in 2019!

I vote AOA as a group who's really captured my attention. I've always like the groups casually but they've really killed these last two performances. I've added their version of MAMAMOO's egotistic to my spotify playlist.

  1. AOA
  2. (G)I-DLE
  3. Lovelyz
  5. Oh My Girl
  6. 2NE1
  7. Park Bom
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28 days ago

Totally the same for me. My favorite is Bom and AOA actually but AOA just killed it with their version of MAMAMOOs song. I dont get how they did not get first place. Literally this version of the song is all I am listening to these days. I hope AOA wins just for the fact that you can see it makes them happy they really enjoy being able to perform together and to be able to see new versions of themselves. Queendom is surprisingly not that dramatic and evil edited like Unpretty rapstar but Jimin totally wasup and ready to go on everyone lol she learned a lot from Jessi about competition XD I am proud of them. Bom, on the other hand, is my bias and her voice is amazing but she needs to work on her vocals and maybe have some choreography. But I sure not matter who wins they will all experience benefit from it, which they already are in the brand reputation for girl groups. I personally think the winnrer will be MAMAMOO because they always hit number 1 on charts and the fandoom power really matters that is why good for them and everything it does not matter for me who will win. I just wish I could find this show subbed. I someone knows where they sub the episodes please provide a link


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isanghansonyeon12 pts 28 days ago 3
28 days ago

Oh My Girl is my bias - they are incredibly charismatic and talented with powerful vocals and choreography. They are true entertainers in that every single concept comes to life when they perform it, and their unique personalities are reflected in their performances, making them stand out from formulaic groups.

AOA has been killing it - I missed seeing them on stage, and seeing their incredibly polished performances and their years of experience just gives them a quality of stage presence that rookies like G (Idle) (despite their amazing stage presence) are still developing. People often forget the level of talent and charisma that AOA bring to the stage, and watching tracks like Confused and Short Hair makes me realize that they were always on a completely different level to begin with.

Honorable mention - I can't stand Park Bom's voice - I always hated how painful and strained her singing sounded. But after watching her perform Hann, I'm really impressed with her artistry. I like how she put her own twist on the song and worked it to fit her style. (Still not a fan of her voice, but am less likely to skip forward now whenever she sings.) And she has a great personality - so Imma stick around for that.


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