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8 Kpop Groups That Slayed The Summer Concept


With around a month of Summer remaining before it's officially Autumn, it’s a perfect time to look back on some iconic Kpop songs that are bound to get you into the Summer mood. While there are many groups that have rocked a summer concept before, here are 8 groups that have absolutely slayed their summer comebacks!


    Very few rookie groups are doing it like ITZY. Their latest comeback ‘ICY’ is a real smash and the girls show that though they are fairly new to the scene, they can rock a summer comeback like no other. On their album, ‘CHERRY’ and ‘IT’Z SUMMER’ are two tracks to listen to as they both further prove that the girls are really rocking their summer comeback.

    2. EXO 

      One of the most iconic Summer comebacks will have to be 'Ko Ko Bop' by EXO. With the outfits, styling and the tropical floral prints donned by each member, 'Ko ko bop' with THAT comeback that got every EXOL ready to hit the beach. EXO’s ‘The War’ album also has many bops like ‘Touch it’, ‘What U do’, ‘Forever’ and ‘Chill’ that have a chill vibe perfect for the summer. Just listening to the album will make you wish EXO had another summer comeback, like right now.

      3. Red Velvet

        Red Velvet is one of those groups that can pull off almost any concepts that are thrown their way. With an album called ‘Summer Magic’, they proved themselves to be the queens of the summer last year with their hit comeback ‘Power Up’. Other than this iconic track, they have had many other songs that could compete with ‘Power Up’ for the title of the song of the summer. ‘Red Flavour’, ‘Rookie’ and ‘Russian Roulette’ are just a few songs of their songs that exude bright and refreshing energy that is fitted for the summer.

        4. TWICE

          TWICE had the whole world shook when they came back with 'Dance The Night Away' last year. The song’s mv which is filmed at a beach is possibly one of the most fitting summer songs. Dance the night away is a cute summery song that is so upbeat you will find it hard not to dance along to it. The girls of TWICE also look so happy every time they are performing it so that is definitely a plus to this song! Other Summery TWICE songs to check out include 'Strawberry', 'Hot' and 'Turn it up, which are all bops from their latest album!

          5. Pentagon

            People should sleep on beds and not on Pentagon. They recently released a Summer bop called ‘Humph!’ and it is a chill song that captures the mood that Summer gets us all in. Yes, they are the group that released the hit song ‘Shine’ last year and they have many other songs that are worth giving a listen. Their Japanese Single ‘Happiness’ which was released a few days ago is also a great song for the summer.

            6. Seventeen

              To think one of the best summer songs this generation has seen is a b-track on Seventeen’s ‘You make my day’ album. ‘Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day’ is THE summer song, this track somehow manages to capture both happy and sad vibes. It’s calming but somehow makes you feel like reminiscing on the past, it is a great song to listen to near the end of summer as you look back on the great memories you’ve made in the Summer break. Other songs from their ‘You make my day’ album like ‘Oh My!’, ‘Holiday’ and ‘What’s Good’ are also amazing songs with similar vibes.

              7. SISTAR

              The Summer Queens, SISTAR, have so many songs that will get you in the mood to relax and chill in the summer. ‘Touch my body’ is a few years old but the perfect choreography combined with the song’s memorable beat allows it to keep its title as one of the biggest Kpop summer anthems till today. Other amazing summer songs from SISTAR include 'I swear' and 'Lovin U'. SISTAR was really ahead of their time.

              8. f(x)

              How does one talk about Summer Songs without bringing up f(x)? 'Hot Summer' will still go down as one of the biggest summer songs despite being released over 7 years ago. f(x) recently performed together at the SMTOWN concert in Japan and fans were so happy to see them performing their old songs after so long. We can only hope that SM Entertainment will give them a comeback again soon.

              What other Kpop Groups do you know that have rocked the Summer Concept?

              1. EXO
              2. f(x)
              3. ITZY
              4. Pentagon
              5. Red Velvet
              6. Seventeen
              7. SISTAR
              8. TWICE
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              Saiyuri104 pts Saturday, August 17, 2019 0
              Saturday, August 17, 2019

              Ateez should be here for their latest comeback, Wave.



              kasutgile276 pts Friday, August 16, 2019 3
              Friday, August 16, 2019

              When you talk about summer, its WINNER in my mind after SISTAR..


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