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MTV Reviews TWICE's US Concert: Left the Venue Feeling Inspired... TWICE Have So Much More to Offer


TWICE just wrapped up the second leg of their US concert and reportedly gathered an audience of 15,000 people at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on July 21, 2019.

MTV News' culture director, Crystal Bell, posted a review onTWICELIGHTS in Newark entitled "KPOP Stars TWICE Brought a Kaleidoscope of Color, Confidence and Pride to their First US Tour" and recount how she felt inspired after watching the concert.

Concert review highlights:

*On Sunday night, the members of Asia's most popular girl group proved that they're not defined by a single image.

*... the stage a multitude of rainbow colors and their faces adorned with glitter — I realized two things: One, Dahyun is the only person who can get away with earnestly dabbing in the year of our Lord 2019; and two, Twice is kind of brilliant.

*Twice's true power was displayed during the ballad stage, where the night took an emotional turn during "After Moon," which fans have unofficially deemed Mina's song. Ballad stages are tricky; they can sometimes kill the momentum of a good show. But Twice, dressed in white, matched the kinetic energy of their opening set with pure emotion, proving themselves as dynamic and empathetic performers.

*They concluded with their most recent single, "Fancy," a song that saw the group experimenting with more mature sounds. The opening synth adds a layer of mystique that has previously evaded Twice's singles, and the newly added dance break — just for tour — is a striking accumulation of the entire Twicelights experience: Twice are so much more than their concepts.

*They are multifaceted artists who are more complex than their bops often allow. The entire night was a display of their duality and empathy.

*I saw a glimpse of Twice as they really are, not as Korea's chart-topping girl group but rather as a group of young women bursting with charm and charisma and inside jokes — who undeniably find strength and solidarity in one another.

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Monday, July 22, 2019

Proud of them. Twice is getting more recognition from international audience.



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Monday, July 22, 2019

I love this review in the means that is very professional, she did a good research it's unbiased and don't mention other groups , just focus on the group that she's reviewing.



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