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Kang Ji Hwan's past scandals come to light + netizens leave victim blaming comments


More information is being revealed about Kang Ji Hwan's rape and sexual assault incident that is bringing light to his past scandal in the Philippines. 

Back in 2014, Kang Ji Hwan was under controversy when a woman posted pictures of the two in bed together with the caption "together sleep with Korean actor mr. Ji hwan kang..." 

The actor had been in the Philippines for a photo shoot when the pictures emerged online. The woman was later revealed to be his guide's wife. The scandal ended after the agency stated that the photos were a poor joke and the woman took them down after stating an apology saying that they were edited. 

This scandal has been brought to light again following the recent accusations and Kang Ji Hwan's sudden arrest. New details have also emerged about the incident. Both accusers are not only acquaintances of Kang Ji Hwan but also stylists and employees that used to work in relation to his agency. It was revealed that one of the women woke up to see her friend being raped and saw her clothes also off her body, resulting in her to realize that she had been sexually assaulted. 

Some netizens are questioning the fact that the woman didn't go directly to the police or call the emergency number, but rather called her friend for help instead, who asked the police to go to Kang Ji Hwan's residency where he was arrested. 

Comments include:

"Investigate these women thoroughly. Something doesn't make sense."

"Maybe they're gold diggers."

"He's my favorite actor. I hope it isn't true."

"Why would she call her friend instead of calling 112 (emergency number) right away? Sounds suspicious."

"This is what you get for drinking alcohol at a man's house. Why did they get drunk by 9 pm?"

However, many netizens are also showing support for the victims and stating that alcohol is not a good excuse for committing rape and sexual assault.

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Canucks4Life2,425 pts Wednesday, July 10, 2019 10
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The sexual assault I experienced was bad enough, but it was the victim blaming I experienced after the fact which broke me in ways I still haven't healed from yet.

People need to understand the damage they are doing to these woman, they have already been broken once and now there breaking them again.

Imagine if it was there friend or family member, do you think they would be saying the same thing then.


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eefjesj98148 pts Wednesday, July 10, 2019 2
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

"This is what you get for drinking alcohol at a man's house. Why did they get drunk by 9 pm?"

Wow unbelievable. So drinking alcohol after 9 pm or drinking alcohol at a guy's place justifies someone getting raped?! Seriously what is wrong with these people? I've got a lot of strong words for people like this, but I don't know whether cursing is allowed in the comment section ...


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