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Netizens worry about Ham So Won and Jin Hua's marriage + Jin Hua appears to be depressed


Ham So Won and Jin Hua are known for their marriage despite their huge age gap of 18 years and have been regular guests on 'The Flavor of Wife' but it seems like their marriage is going through some trouble. 

The tension between the two has been high in recent episodes of the show but netizens are chiming in to express their worry after the broadcast of the show on July 9. Jin Hua was seen crying while seeing a therapist and expressing that he feels like there is no one that understands him. Many netizens are expressing their concern for him and criticizing Ham So Won, who has previously appeared to be yelling and berating Jin Hua a lot on the show. Many believe that the couple needs to take a break from the show to take care of their issues. 

Some comments include:

"I don't even have a kid and I started tearing up at this."

"I felt so bad for him when I saw him panic while taking his kid on the subway and not knowing what to do."

"Whether he's rich or not, he's in a foreign country taking care of a newly born child and attending an academy to learn Korean while his peers are going to work and college. His wife is always working, there are huge communication issues. Of course, it's reasonable to be like this."

"Ham So Won needs to stop yelling at him."

"Jin Hua is doing so well and Ham So Won doesn't even compliment or encourage him. Please stay strong JIn Hua!"

What do you think? Should the couple take a break? 


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Kirsty_Louise8,742 pts Wednesday, July 10, 2019 10
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

25 is young to be a father and a husband, of course he feels pressured. Nevermind having your private life on display like this as a form of entertainment. Every issue they have will be picked apart by viewers.

For once I agree with netizens, if they are having marital issues they should take a break to work on them.


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SnoopyMochi589 pts Wednesday, July 10, 2019 0
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I feel bad for him. He’s in a foreign land where he is not fluent in the language and his closest relatives who he can share his problems with are all back in China. His predicament is made worse with raising a child and living together with an unsupportive wife. I hope his wife sees this and be more supportive towards him. I agree with knetz that they should take a break from showbiz and settle their marital problems in private.



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