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Japan's restriction of exported tech goods to Korea causes discomfort among fans of idol groups with Japanese members


Back on July 1, Japan's government confirmed a restriction of specific technology goods being exported to South Korea. Reportedly, these restrictions include "fluorinated polyimide, used in smartphone displays, and photoresist as well as high-purity hydrogen fluoride, used in semi-conductor production"

As a result, many netizens have started a boycott movement, saying no to consumption of Japanese goods sold in Korea (popular brands being listed in the boycott include: Japanese beers, automobiles, ASICS, UNIQLO, SK2, Shiseido, 7-Eleven, etc) as well as tourism in Japan, plus more. 

With escalating criticism toward Japan's economic decision, idol fans are also seeing a negative effect - more specifically, idol groups with Japanese members. The most prominently named groups include TWICE and IZ*ONE, with lesser mentions of NCT 127, Pentagon, GWSN, and more. Even before this particular incident, many anti-fans of the above groups take advantage of fluctuating Korea-Japan relations to spread negativity about Japanese idol group members promoting in Korea. 

Meanwhile, Koreans have also begun a Blue House petition demanding the Korean government's retaliation against Japan's recent economic decision, garnering over 10,000 signatures. 

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  2. TWICE
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Winston3,996 pts Thursday, July 4, 2019 17
Thursday, July 4, 2019

previously There was talks that The national tv station in Japan like Fuji TV was broadcasting too much kpop and interviews with korean idol groups,kdrama. and also some japanese also protested that the Year End Music festivals invited too many kpop groups which made rookie J-pop groups not having thr chance to promote themselves.

so it could happen the other way if japan calls for a ban on kpop like what china did.


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Winston3,996 pts Thursday, July 4, 2019 1
Thursday, July 4, 2019

Actually the Anti Japanese movement in Korea and the Anti Hallyu movement in Japan can easily be stroke by talks on the disputed islands like Dokdo islands or others. so its a risk that agencies have to take.

imagine if the japanese media asked Sakura who does Dokdo island belong to. what is she supposed to answer? if she say Korea. she would be treated like a traitor in her own country. if she say Japan. than Koreans will call for her boycott or to get out of Korea. if she say she dunno. then its just as bad, as she could be called ignorant about historical events.


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