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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Monday, July 15, 2019

GOT7 Closes Out North American Leg of 'Keep Spinning Tour' in Oakland


Ahgase all over the bay area and beyond rushed to the doors of Oracle Arena on July 10 for the GOT7 2019 Keep Spinning World Tour! The tour has just completed it's North American leg in their last USA destination: Oakland, California, and is set to head to South America and Australia next. For those of you super fans who did not have a chance to see GOT7, allkpop has the opportunity to attend GOT7's bay area 2019 Keep Spinning World Tour show and had a great time experiencing the Ahgase fandom up close and personal. Here's our review of the show and what you missed:

Upon arrival at Oracle Arena, fans from all over Northern California and beyond had been lined up since morning to see Mark, JB, BamBam, Jackson, Youngjae, Yugyeom, and Jinyoung in the flesh. The last time GOT7 was in town was for a fan meeting about 4 years ago in San Francisco, California. Though the group promised to be back the next year, it took a while until they were able to return. Luckily for them, they returned to play arenas on this tour.

Fans who bought tickets in the upper 200s sections were pleasantly surprised when they arrived at the arena because all tickets in the upper section had been upgraded to lower section tickets. Due to the price range, many fans found the upper 200s tickets affordable, but couldn't spring for lower-level tickets. In order to fill those seats, all 200s-seated fans received a complimentary upgrade to enjoy the concert from an even better vantage point. True bang for the buck and a special treat for bay area Ahgases who weren't able to afford the lower level tickets to begin with.

The GOT7 stage set up is simple, yet very extravagantly done. The group boasts three huge movable screens that stack up like Russian dolls. These huge screens move up and down on a lever and pulley system to create a really dynamic stage entrance for the group despite lack of pyrotechnics and effects. Though it should be known that where they lacked in showy and over-the-top stage elements, they made up for in lighting and visuals!

As the prologue VCR began, the entire arena lit up in lime green birds with many fans boasting stylishly neon clothing both to stand out in hopes of catching the attention of their biases. The movable stage pulled up and the members were in their stunningly shiny and delicately embroidered performance jackets. They started off their set with dynamic tracks like "Eclipse," "Out," and "Never Ever". Later, they moved into their more pop-focused tracks along with an outfit change into cute denim ensembles.

After a few conversations introducing themselves to the audience, they began their solo stages with JB's solo "Ride" stage, Youngjae's solo "Gravity" stage, the AmeriThaiKong stage, and the Jinyoung and Yugyeom duo stage. Ahgase had no shortage of excitement! The night continued with dynamic performances and a number of jokes. At one point fans were goading the members to take their shirts off which BamBam replied, "You ever seen chopsticks? That's what I look like!" 

The concert included a number of new songs and also incorporated a good amount of title tracks from previous comebacks. Fans from every period of GOT7's career were able to hear some of their favorite numbers from their respective eras. We have to commend GOT7 for their ability to reach so many cultures and for their music to transcend language barriers the way it has. It seems that regardless of GOT7's difficulty overcoming their musical counterparts on the charts, their fans are some of the most loyal and most zealous I have seen in my time as a K-Pop fan and writer. In fact, I have never seen idols go back to grab towels and water to throw into the crowd just for fans to have. At one point, Mark even saw a girl with an "It's My Birthday!" sign and had security grab her so he could sign her poster for her. The level of detail and care that they have for Ahgase is one-of-a-kind and the number 1 reason why any fan of K-Pop should go to GOT7's concert and give them a try.

On that note, it has to be said that BamBam's stage presence is one of the most powerful aspects of the group. Despite being one of the youngest members, his ability to step into performance mode, but then transition to variety when speaking to fans on stage is incredible. Bambam has an air of confidence about him that is not easily found in most 97 liners. Fans that are not familiar with the group would think he's the leader by the way he speaks. This is not to say that the other members were not incredible in their own rights, of course. Jinyoung is another member who is finally doing more intense dancing stages and we're thoroughly impressed by his ability to branch from his usual angelic singing and show his aptitude in other types of performance. 

At the previous stop in Los Angeles, the boys also did a lot of fan service by jumping off the stage and into the crowds to say hello personally to fans. The Oakland fans caught wind of this and immediately set themselves up to be as close to the edges of the stage as possible. Tons of fans got one-of-a-kind interactions, pictures, videos, and even played games with the members! We saw one fan with a "Rock, Paper, Scissors for your shirt?" sign and Jackson really stopped in front of her to play her! GOT7's unique caring personalities and utmost gratitude for their fans make the entire show feel like a small-scale meet and greet with a performance for GOT7 stans. 

After bidding fans goodbye, the group did come back onstage for an epic encore performance where they were showered in tons of gifts including strap on wings, plushies, flags, toys, pictures, notes, and more! The group did songs in what ultimately lasted to be a two and a half hour concert, but the group promised their swift return to the bay area soon. It was a special time as the day before the Oakland concert marked the group's 2000 days as GOT7; a huge milestone for the group! 

If you're located in Australia, Asia, Europe or South America and see a Keep Spinning Tour date coming up near you, I highly recommend the show as a way to get into GOT7. Admittedly, I was not a huge Ahgase prior to attending their show, and now, I feel differently knowing their dedication and care towards fans and staff. GOT7 shows their true heart and personalities by the way they reach out to security, interact with fans, and just make sure everyone has gotten the special moment they've always dreamed of! This level of passion and interaction is hard to find with other groups and absolutely what makes GOT7 special in a sea of the same.

Photos by Olivia Wong and Lorraine Ye

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Monday, July 15, 2019

They are such a beautiful, talented and hard-working group, they deserve all the love and adoration they get! 💋

I'm a proud fan of the group, and I'm always happy to see that they are doing great and getting more recognition day by day~



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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Thank you for writing about them! They are hard-working and deserve more acknowledgments!



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