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BBC makes documentary about SM's founder Lee Soo Man


Founder and general producer Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment (hereinafter SM) met with British broadcaster BBC to make the documentary about K-pop.

On July 8, the general producer Lee Soo Man met and shared profound stories about Kpop with the BBC documentary production crew who came to Korea to gather information about Kpop including MC James Ballardie, producer Martyn Stevens at SM Communication Center, Samseong ward, Gangnam district, Seoul.

BBC revolved around the general producer Lee Soo Man as an overwhelming influencer of K-pop - the music genre which is gaining massive popularity all over the world. He also plays the role of SM's founder and representative producer who has the greatest impact on K-pop.

Additionally, the general producer Lee Soo Man is also acknowledged to have merits in discovering and cultivating many Kpop-leading artists such as H.O.T., BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, etc. He received awards as a producer not only in Korea but also in China, the US, etc, at the same time he is voted to be "global leader" by prestigious foreign magazines such as Variety for many consecutive years. Therefore, this interview was conducted according to BBC's positive recommendation.

In the interview with BBC's documentary production team, general producer Lee Soo Man presented the accomplishment, development process, and the direction of K-pop as the character creating the current "K-pop storm" by leading the Korean popular music to penetrate overseas markets.

After the interview, presenter James Ballardie could not help exclaiming, "Such an honor to meet with general producer Lee Soo Man - who conducted the greatest and most creative exploration in contemporary music. His vision on K-pop proved ideas can possess the power to completely change a nation. I'm so surprised."

Producer Martyn Stevens of this documentary shared, "I have met the general producer Lee Soo Man - who plays the most important role in the birth and development of Kpop. To be able to conduct an interview with him is very meaningful. Without a doubt, general producer Lee Soo Man's understanding ability will probably provide an interesting view to TV audiences in England."

This documentary focusing on obtaining information about the general producer Lee Soo Man will be aired in the second half of 2019.


Xportsnews = Reporter Park So Hyun sohyunpark@xportsnews.com

Photos = SM Entertainment

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    after what he did to DBSK??



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    And now for the 'real' dark side of kpop... c'mon I dare yah!!



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