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8 times EXO-SC (Sehun and Chanyeol) showcased their amazing raps!


When news broke about EXO’s Sehun and Chanyeol debuting in a subunit known as EXO-SC together, EXOLs were already extremely excited to see what the two EXO visuals will be bringing to the table. To know that both of them took part in the songwriting and production of their album only makes everyone all the more excited to listen to their new music. 

Here is a look back at 8 of the best raps the duo have delivered over the years!

1. Lightsaber

    Just 3 years after their debut, EXO was contacted by one of the largest franchises in the world, Star Wars, to have a collaboration. This lead to this bop called ‘Lightsaber’ to be created. The best part of this song is arguably when the music starts to fade out but Chanyeol is still going hard and spitting fire. Lightsaber was ahead of its time.

    2. Promise

      Written by some of the EXO members themselves, this song carries a lot of meaning for EXOLs. It serves as a promise to stay with their fans, and that no matter what happens, EXO will still always stick by their tagline, ‘We are one’. The lines in the rap “Thank you. I’m Sorry. I love you” conveys exactly what the members want to say to their fans. To thank them for staying by their sides, to apologize for causing them to worry and a promise to always repay the love that they are given.

      3. Gravity

        Don’t mess up my tempo was home to many great songs with amazing raps and one of them is the hit called Gravity. The energy that the boys have while performing this song makes it obvious that they enjoy it too. The rap of the song is executed very powerfully by both Chanyeol and Sehun. It is no wonder fans love it so much!

        4. Trauma

          Chanyeol contributed to the lyrics of this bop on their love shot repackage album. The way that Sehun and Chanyeol take turns to deliver their lines makes the song extremely satisfying to listen to. Many fans enjoy the line “Jump on the scene and hit you with the lean” in particular, this song really slaps and is definitely one that is worth taking a listen to.

          5. Monster

            Not only is the Monster mv a masterpiece, but this song is also arguably one of the best tracks in EXO’s discographies. The rap of the song delivered by Chanyeol and Sehun is simply perfection, “that’s right my type” indeed. There is a form of effortless swagger that the two of them have while delivering their lines for this song that makes the rap flow well and add to the vibe the song tries to convey.

            6. Overdose

              Even though Overdose was released back in 2014, the song is still recognized as a bop five years later. At their recent concert EXplOration, they performed this song again and fans showed their excitement with their fan chants being louder than ever especially when Chanyeol delivers the lines “Hey Doctor!”. It is undeniable that EXO has some of the catchier raps.

              7. Tempo

                Many fans were pleasantly surprised when Tempo was released, especially after seeing just how much Sehun had improved in his rap and how many more lines he got in the Don’t Mess Up My Tempo album. His rap in the group’s title track showcased his worth as a rapper in the group and proved him worthy of the increase in lines he got. Sehun has been working hard to continue to improve himself in all aspects and EXOLs cannot be more proud of him for finally getting the lines that he deserves!

                8. Love Me Right

                  Last but surely not least, who can forget about Love me right when you are talking about EXO’s raps. “Shawty Imma party til the sundown” will always go down as one of the most iconic EXO lines and it’s all thanks to Oh Sehun. Fans love jamming out to this bop and this line always gets the loudest screams when the song is being performed live. Love me right will always be superior!

                  Sehun and Chanyeol's What a Life MV has already been released and you can watch it below. Be sure to show them a lot of love! 

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                  All time favorite songs of EXO!! One cannot deny the talent these boys have.. SC fighting!!



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                  I don’t understand why this article got many downvotes?!


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