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Moments that show EXO’s Baekhyun is ready for his solo debut


Fans cannot be more excited for EXO's Baekhyun to finally have his highly anticipated debut as a soloist. Baekhyun is the third member of EXO to have his solo debut, with the first being the talented singer-songwriter, Lay, and the second being EXO's vocal powerhouse, Chen. As many might already know, Baekhyun is an extremely well-balanced idol with amazing vocals, great dancing skills and a whole lot of charisma. Here are just some of the many moments that prove he is going to slay his solo! 


1) His solo performance at the 2018 SBS Gayo Awards

Baekhyun’s position in EXO might be the main vocalist but he is also an amazing dancer. At last years’ SBS Gayo, he got a chance to showcase his dancing skills and fans could tell he was 100% feeling himself through this performance! EXOLs could even be heard screaming ‘Go Baekhyun!’ for him throughout his solo segment. Baekhyun has definitely proven himself to be an extremely skilled dancer and we can't wait for him to amaze us in his solo debut!

2) Baekhyun's high note in El Dorado

A fan favorite song of EXO is the B-side song El Dorado from their Exodus album and one of the reasons for this is the amazing high note done by Baekhyun in the song. The note which is impossibly high is executed perfectly by Baekhyun in each one of EXO's live performances. Just watching a compilation of him singing the iconic El Dorado high note will really leave you shook!

3) Baekhyun singing along to other artists in his IG lives

Baekhyun often goes live on Instagram to spend some time communicating with his fans and during his Instagram lives, he usually sings along to songs either by EXO or by other artists. Through how Baekhyun really manages to sing all the songs with ease even though he is just casually singing along to them shows how skilled and trained he is as a singer. He has also mentioned that these days he will either be working out or going for vocal lessons to improve himself for his fans. Baekhyun has always been a hard worker and is always one to push himself to show the best version of himself!

4) Baekhyun singing the 'EXO Next Door' OST

If you are a fan of EXO, you probably have seen the boys appear as themselves in the web drama 'EXO Next Door!' Well, the OST was sung by no other than Baekhyun and the song, as well as Baekhyun’s voice, was extremely ‘Beautiful’. When Baekhyun sings, you can always feel the emotion of the song and here he captures it just right! Baekhyun has always sung with a lot of heart and it is always a joy to see him perform because he puts all his passion into each and every performance. He is EXO's vocal king indeed!

5) Baekhyun and Suzy’s collaboration

One of the best Kpop collaborations that we have been blessed with was when Suzy and Baekhyun gave us an amazing song like 'Dream'. Baekhyun’s melodic, deeper tone complemented Suzy’s softer and sweet vocal color. Their voices blended perfectly in this beautiful song. It is rumored that one of the 6 tracks on Baekhyun’s solo album will be featuring a female artist. Whoever it may be, we are all already very excited for another collaboration!

6) His collaboration with Loco

'Young' really shows the duality of Baekhyun, being unlike the other solo songs he had in the past such as ‘Beautiful’, ‘Take You Home’ and ‘Dream’. 'Young' had a darker concept and Baekhyun still managed to pull it off amazingly. We know that whatever concept of music style Baekhyun decides to go with for his album, he will surely be able to execute it powerfully since he is a King of versatility!

7) His charisma as shown through his Youtube Videos

Baekhyun not only has an overwhelming amount of talent but he also has the star quality as a person too! Other than being skilled in singing and dancing, Baekhyun has also proven himself to be an excellent Youtuber. Baekhyun has a personality that makes you want to support him and watch more of him. In his Youtube videos, he films cute snippets of his life that include him fanboying over his favorite e-sports player Faker, him working out and even him with his favorite dog in the world, Mongryong! If you have not subscribed to him, you should definitely get on it because he is churning out quality content!

Baekhyun’s 6 track album will be called City Lights and will be released on July 10 at 6 pm KST. Preorders have already begun. EXO-Ls are extremely excited to see Baekhyun preparing for his debut and we know he will definitely kill it!

Many of the EXO members will be busy with their solo activities this July but they will be performing for their sold out concert EXOPLANET #5 – EXplOration which will be held at the KSPO Dome in Seoul Olympic Park from July 19-21 and July 26-28 with 6 members present. (Kyungsoo and Minseok will be serving the nation and Yixing is away on his solo tour) July is an extremely exciting month for EXO and EXOLs are excited to see what all the boys have in store! Go EXO!

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