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EXID's LE, Hyerin, and Solji write letters to fans, reflect on EXID's past and future plans


LE, Hyerin, and Solji of EXID have written heartfelt letters on their fancafe addressing their hiatus. EXID recently wrapped up promotions for "ME&YOU", their last comeback as a group before Hani and Junghwa leave their label, Banana Culture Entertainment. The bittersweet letters have fans feeling teary eyed.

LE's letter reads:


It’s LE :)

After ending the short promotions for ME&YOU, I have been thinking about some things and resting while receiving treatment and rehabilitation for my ankle.

In truth, there are a lot of things I wanted to tell you guys but couldn’t because I wanted to completely focus on promotions during the promotion period.

Because there were so many people in tears at the last fan sign event,

I felt so sorry and also thankful, and I wanted to do something more for the people who have sent us so much unconditional love… I was really sorry.

First of all, for the past year as we were facing contract termination, what the 5 of us talked about again and again was ‘We want to protect our team.’

Under the name EXID, the five of us who had each spent around 20 years living our own lives in different environments, came together and experienced many things together over the past 7-8 years. We cried and laughed, and learned how to love, accept, and understand each other, and we matured.

So the decision was made on these sensitive issues through conversations while trying not to hurt anyone and while trying to respect and understand each other.

We are us, but we are going to live our dreams both as EXID and as individuals while respecting each other’s opinions and cheering each other on :)

I am so so thankful to you guys for respecting our decisions and for your love.

Please don’t be too sad and don’t cry

I hope we will meet again in the future and reminisce about these days thinking “Oh we were like that back then, we were really happy” Like we smiled while thinking about our difficult days in the past :)

I will repay you guys with good songs

Thank you, and I love you."

Hyerin wrote:

"Hello, this is Hyerin of EXID.

After wrapping up our recent promotions, I felt I needed to write a letter to the fans and the many people who support us, even though I might not be able to answer all your questions. Firstly, there are a lot of people who are saying “They are disbanding, this is their last promotion” because some of us are going to different agencies. I think the people who have supported us until now might feel hurt and sad about this. I am really sorry for how everyone was notified because even we needed a lot of time to talk to each other, to understand and respect and accept this decision. Realistically, it will probably take a long time… maybe a couple years… for the five of us to promote an album together again. But thankfully, because we know how big and precious the love the 5 of us have received over the past 7 years is, we will definitely make time to meet again as a group of five, maybe with an album or a record.

Thank you so so much for loving the five of us, Solji LE Hani Hyerin Jeongwa, and EXID until now. We will come back even better than before, so please keep loving the five of us. Thank you until now LEGGO <3

2019. 5. 30


And Solji wrote:

"Hi LEGGOs :)

We have concluded our ME&YOU promotions! Thanks to everyone for their hard work, we were able to make it through thanks to LEGGOs haha

I also want to thank you for the last 7 years. It was because of LEGGOs that we were able to make it this far. There are no words to describe how thankful I am.

The five of us have talked a lot about our plans after our contract ends. Are we going to stick to team activities, or is it time for us to take on new challenges. I think it was a time when we couldn’t help but think about what we had to endure for each other through the past 7 years.

So our team activities will be put on hold for now, but I think this will be a time for each of us to pursue the things that we weren’t able to before, the things that we wanted to do.

Even now I have many thoughts about whether this is the best decision for us, but I think this will be a decision to the benefit of each of us. This is very hard for me to write. I worry that LEGGOs will be hurt. TT TT

The five of us, we were able to exist because of LEGGOs. Thank you so much for being with us through happy times, sad times, hard times, and all the other times. Going forward through every moment of my life, you will be with me. Thank you so much to you guys for letting me know so much precious love.

Also! This is not the end for us so please don’t be too sad. We will each work hard individually, and we will definitely come together again as a group of five, so please wait for us ^^

Sincerely I am only able to keep living because of you guys, thank you so much and I love you my LEGGOs"

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Toms_K_Trash29 pts Sunday, June 2, 2019 0
Sunday, June 2, 2019

What you want and what they want is often a big difference. Their lives, their decisions. To have a contract with Banana Culture means massive restrictions because as soon as the label plans something, they have to be there, no matter if they are on set shooting a drama or want to do something else. Letting the contract expire means freedom for Jeonghwa's acting career (remember SNSD and Seohyun, where SM just cancelled a few sets without even asking her) and Hani probably had other plans for quite some time. I keep them in good memory because Hani was one of those who brought me to kpop (and I don't mean the fancam).



eager_beaver1,827 pts Sunday, June 2, 2019 0
Sunday, June 2, 2019

"Realistically, it will probably take a long time… maybe a couple years… for the five of us to promote an album together again."

Hyerin stepping up and telling us how things are.



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