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Bill Stax denies ex-wife Park Hwan Hee's claims against him


Bill Stax (formerly known as Vasco) has denied claims about him and his family made by his ex-wife, actress Park Hwan Hee.

Bill Stax, his current wife, and Park Hwan Hee have had a number of public disputes on social media, and in an interview on June 26, Bill Stax decided to respond to the claims Park Hwan Hee made in an Instagram live broadcast this past April. The rapper explained, "She's my child's mother, and my image at the time wasn't good. That's why no matter what she said, I didn't reply. However, what she said during her Instagram live crossed the line. I feel even my child could get hurt, so I'm revealing the truth." 

After divorcing in December of 2012, Bill Stax currently has custody of their son, while Park Hwan Hee is paying child support. After a dispute between the actress and Bill Stax's current wife 'A' on social media, Park Hwan Hee claimed during an Instagram live this past April, "Their side is being irregular," "That side's family believes all female celebrities are prostitutes who show up on TV," and stated she was only able to have visitations with her son when Bill Stax and his wife allowed it.

Bill Stax responded, "My wife was watching that broadcast. After seeing that, we called that side's lawyer and demanded she close the broadcast and apologize. The lawyer seemed taken aback. After that, there was no response. I think they felt we would be patient about it. Just like we always had been in the past." The rapper continued Park Hwan Hee's claims about his family were false and stated their child did not have contact with Park Hwan Hee for 4 years, explaining his wife had suggested visitations from Park Hwan Hee to benefit the child.  

According to the rapper, however, their son didn't enjoy seeing his birth mother, adding that Park Hwan Hee hadn't been keeping up with child support payments and forced their son to go to church. Bill Stax further claimed the actress has been the cause of conflict in his current marriage as well.

The rapper continued he would not accept an apology from Park Hwan Hee and asserted he was responding to her in order to clear up any negative influence his son may have against his family. He stated, "I don't even want to hear her voice because of the trauma from the divorce. I forgave that situation, and I quietly got over it. However, I'm starting to hear things. She's saying she was the victim. I think if I quietly take the shots, it'll always be like that in the future. I want to correct what's wrong. I think that's what's right for our child." 

He concluded he thought Park Hwan Hee wasn't able to pay child support due to a lack of funds, but he noticed she had multiple designer bags during her Instagram live. He said, "What I want is the truth. I don't want her to act like the victim and then put my son in a situation that makes him misunderstand because of that."

Park Hwan Hee is known for her roles in the dramas 'Descendants of the Sun', 'The King Loves', 'Are You Human Too?', and more.

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woohyun_wifey399 pts Wednesday, June 26, 2019 0
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

from what i know park hwan hee gave birth at a young age (she was a famous ulzzang then) when she married vasco, and they got divorced 15 months later.. since then it was vasco who took care of the child. I dont think it is right for her to accuse him of anything, when she clearly made the decision in order to pursue her career.



bolero07-50 pts Wednesday, June 26, 2019 0
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The child needs an adequate mother! And he has it, though not biological. Mother not the that has given birth to, and the kind that has raised, has passed with child through all stages of maturation and was support and friend. Clearly the birth mother couldn't handle it. Apparently she's the kind of person who cares more about her career than her kid. And now she realized when the child understands everything and does not want to see his biological mother. It says only one thing, the boy comfortable in the family where he is now!



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