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Monday, June 10, 2019

Physical Albums remain vital indicators of success. What EXO, Twice, and BTS have managed to do in the age of streaming is wonderful and I'm happy to see their names next to these legendary figures :) Yes, streaming has lead to overall growth in the industry but that growth benefits the streaming platforms and their shareholders; not the artists.

IFPI shows digital sales are slowing more than physical sales. The 2018 data shows physical sales did decrease, but digital sales plummeted leading to Apple recently announcing plans to scrap the itunes store. In a world of polar extremes (buy the physical album or just streaming), the best way to support your favorites is to buy the album.

Though we all stream because it's convenient, buy a physical album if you possibly can. Albums sales, butts in concert seats, and merchandise - these are what sustains your artists. Massive names like Sheeran and Drake can get away with the streaming game due to volume along with selling albums. But ultimately, if you do nothing but stream, you're just making Spotify/YouTube richer. Thank you Suspiria77.


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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

@ Matti2011 (aka Handan?) and YG apologists:

Stop trudging out TIME, Rolling Stones, CNN articles repeating unverified sales numbers.

Show us certified sales data if you wish to be convincing.

As a PSA education, reportedly means:

As reported, though not verified and not necessarily true.


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