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YG explains why it took so long for Lee Hi to make a comeback


YG Entertainment spoke regarding Lee Hi's long-awaitedcomeback preparations.

As reported, the female solo singer signed to YG will soon make a comeback with her new EP, '24℃'. The title track is called "No One", featuring iKON's B.I, and a short teaser has already been released. 

Regarding her previous hiatus, YG Entertainment employees explained, "it's because she wanted to make the music that she wanted to, in order to give her all for this album. As much as it took so long, we expect that she can continually promote this year, actively releasing new songs, starting from this album that carries so many songs."

As a reaction to the company's statements about the loaded issue, the comments from netizens were rather merciless. :

"First album in 3 years for Lee Hi, wow YG you've gone too far. I really hope she doesn't renew the contract."

"Lee Hi signed a 10-year contract, so it looks like her contract with YG will expire in 2023 T_T"

"Why YG........"

"YG is just really impatient all of a sudden", "It's unreasonable to ask for a conscience from criminals.... but please let go of normal people after leaving out the trash... don't push for the contract, if you're human...", "Lee Hi begins as a scapegoat LOL Even if her album flops, then people will just say that it's because of the Burning Sun scandal LOOL", "Because of Seungri..... BLACKPINK's album suddenly came out... Then WINNER...Now Lee Hi... Wow.... YG tries hard to earn money for sure.... But who cares... They just end up receiving hate... Everybody in YG ends up getting hate."

What do you think of Lee Hi's comeback timing?

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Blue2012376 pts Saturday, May 25, 2019 7
Saturday, May 25, 2019

Can we stop making articles based on what netizens think? Especially with only a few hundred upvotes.

Can you imagine if CNN made stories based on what people say on Reddit? That's essentially the same thing.



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BIGBANG_VIP_4eva3,094 pts Saturday, May 25, 2019 1
Saturday, May 25, 2019

Can we just let Hayi comeback peacefully and not drag her into this mess. She has been working on this album for years and it was stated it would be released in the first half of the year back in January which is before the burning sun scandal broke out. Don’t drag all YG artists down because you hate the company. This is what we wanted, we wanted Lee Hi. I honestly don’t care if it’s because of the scandal, she’s getting a comeback now let’s make it worthwhile and make it a positive experience for her


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