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Victim 'A' responds to statement made by Hyolyn's agency concerning bullying allegations

The netizen 'A', who wrote the original post accusing singer Hyolyn of bullying them for three years in middle school has responded to Bridge's official statement on this matter.

The victim wrote another public post titled, "This is the last comment I'll make", which read,

"Now that the issue has started trending I finally get a response from the agency. But you're going to come find me and meet with me in person? Do I really have to relive the fear of seeing Kim Hyo Jeong (Hyolyn's given name) after 15 years? Even if she were to come see me she would only come accompanied by her manager and other associated management people. I don't have the confidence to see those frightening eyes looking at me in person again."

At first I thought receiving an apology over the phone, as well as releasing statements of confessions and personal reflection would be enough of a blow for you, so I only sought out a private apology through direct messaging; but announcing that you're coming to find me without any prior contact or my consent is too much. To make things worse, I send you another DM and you didn't even open it. The only thing that's come out from your side is your agency's official statement. If neither of you have replied or contacted me in any way, does that mean you'll just be using my IP address to track down my location? It would have been better to have reached out to me first and apologized over the phone. If you read this, please contact me so I can receive a real apology.

What kind of wealth or honor would I get for sending you a DM over ten years after the fact. I don't need anything else. Just apologize.

If you apologize even now I'll erase everything I've written and never mention anything about you again. Just admit that you did all these things. Surely you haven't replied because you actually haven't recognized me, someone you consistently targeted your hate towards for three straight years."

As of now, there have been no further responses from Hyolyn or her agency.

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hohliu7,548 pts Sunday, May 26, 2019 8
Sunday, May 26, 2019

I sympathies with bully victims as I was one but her response here is very contradicting. She is brave enough to go online and challenge Hyolyn as a victim and create a small scale online buzz/trend. But when the agency wants to meet and discuss the issue, she becomes fearful of meeting them to prove her accusation.

Hyolyn is a celeb, and the victim has publicly brought out a serious issue that will affect the agency and the artist, if the victim wants a very apology, the agency has every right to deal with these systematically, as this is not longer a private matter. It has involve public concerns.

The more public damage she does online toward Hyolyn, then the more the agency will need to contact her personally to verify the story....If she does not meet her, they will have right to get their lawyer to investigate the story.

We have read a number of unconfirmed or even false bully claims on celebs. I think before the public judge the celebs, we need some facts to be confirmed first.

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wonderboy47251 pts Sunday, May 26, 2019 19
Sunday, May 26, 2019

My problem with things like this is clearly you wanted to ruin her career after 15 years and then posting this... A lot of us face bullying at a young age but I don't expect if a bully became famous for me to wait 15 years before standing up and saying hey they used to be a bad person to me. I have no idea what they've been through or how they have matured over the years. If it really hurt me that much I would have done all of this in private and reached out and said hey, you hurt me and it still bothers me to this day. THEN if they said oh well I dont remember it or it was your fault or something I'd put it out to the public just to get it off my chest and tell everyone let's hope that people really do change and reflect more on their actions. I wouldn't want to ruin someone's entire career and how they make their money, especially with a little research you can see how much good Hyorin has done with her money...

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