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Seungri & Jonghun receive additional 12-hour police questioning


According to reports on May 1, former Big Bang member Seungri and former F.T. Island member Jonghun each underwent an additional, 12-hour long police questioning from April 30 at 1 PM KST through May 1 at 1 AM KST. 

Seungri, currently under suspicion of soliciting prostitution and of embezzling business funds for personal use, attended a detailed police questioning this past Monday under the status of a suspect. So far, Seungri has attended a total of 16 police questioning sessions - 7 times as a witness, and 9 times as a suspect.             

Jonghun, newly facing charges of sexually assaulting women as a group with other accused figures including Jung Joon Young and more, attended Monday's police questioning under the status of an accused suspect. So far, police have booked a total of 6 individuals involved in the above mentioned, group sexual assault accusations. 

Media reports further say that police do not have plans to summon Seungri for any more questioning, until his arrest warrant decision. 

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iris744 pts Thursday, May 2, 2019 0
Thursday, May 2, 2019

People are thirsty for Seungri's blood. It's not about justice anymore. The court of public opinion has decided that he is guilty and there is no way for them to realise that this mindset is kinda twisted. Sigh...



Damjia1,006 pts Wednesday, May 1, 2019 0
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Ok I think I need to put this out there with all the hypocrisy that is going on. First of all let me say that I am in no way defending or promoting the idea of victim blaming or shaming. I think that rape, the filming of sex and sharing (illegally) should be handled properly by the law.

Now to get to the meat of the subject, all these people who are saying these men should just die, to burn in hell, etc. is going extreme. Yes the ones that are guilty should be held accountable by courts of law. That is what they are there for. If you do not like the verdicts, then do something on that level. Learn law, practice law, and make real changes.

I also found it very wrong for people to judge others on texts that we do not have first hand knowledge over, we have copies of copies that have been edited. To say that some of these men did nothing to stop these acts and that they also should burn in hell is going over, people are hurt and they are angry of the situation and at themselves for the feeling of being dupped.

We (as women) are also very bad, do any of you know about the post in the Allkpop forum that takes about idols d*cks? Who has the biggest one, who's is small, with pictures that try to prove it. This behavior is also bad because how can we as women, condemn men when we do the same thing? If we are doing this is a public forum, then what are we doing in private forums? Why is it not ok for men to talk about women's breasts etc. when here we are talking about men's d*cks? Also there are sites that talk about who might be good in bed, etc. that is the same parts of conversations that these men were having with each other.

Once again I am not saying it is ok to do this, and that these men did was right. I am saying none of us should be doing this, and alot of these people who are condemning have said something to someone in private before but now want to get on the high horse and look down on others.

On regards to this post I found it well written, and was actually happy that it did not have bias one way or another. Thank you Beansss



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