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Only if you live under a rock, you wouldn't be aware of the strength that k-pop has gained around the world over the last few years.

Many k-pop fans know about EXO, BTS, Monsta X, Wanna One and other groups that have constructed a big fan base all around the world even if they aren't big fans of them but have we heard enough about GOT7?

The JYP Entertainment group debuted back in 2014 when the company faced commercial fluctuations that led them to sell their building in Cheongdamdong with the term that they could still rent the building for 3 years on rent.

If we think about it, it wasn't the best time to debut a new boy group. The investment in GOT7's debut was not enough, to say the least. They didn't receive thebenefits that actual groups get: proper PR, showcases, big publicity banners around Korea, LED publicity, paid pop-ups, etc..

With nothing but a big dream and the support of their own members, GOT7 debuted an accomplished so much for a group that had not enough monetary support: 

  • Best Rookie Group of 2014 (SBS PopAsia)
  • Best New Artist 2014 (SBS MTV)
  • Rookie of the Year (KCON Kpop Award)
  • New Artist Award (Golden Disk Awards)
  • Best Asian New Group (Youku Night)
  • First showcase in Japan counted with over 10,000 fans even though they hadn't properly debuted in Japan.
  • Most seen video during the month of January 2014.
  • And these aren't even all the awards they have won...

But even after all this big wave post-debut, GOT7 isn't known by Koreans. Many know them as the "funny group that was on Weekly Idol" or don't see them as an idol group "because they don't look like it".

One would think that, as their company, JYPE would try their best to compensate GOT7 over the years prior to the debut. But as of right now, they still lack resources.

Today, GOT7 is under the 2nd division of JYPE, along with ITZY, J.Y. Park, Yubin and Hyerin but are they really doing their jobs?

For their most recent comeback "SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY AND INSECURITY" fans have pointed out the lack of publicity to GOT7's mini album.

No PR, no showcase, concert tickets released at the same time as album preorders, no interviews or media play articles, not enough albums printed and stocked; just seven members sitting down with actor Kim Sang Joong as MC for their V Live Showcase. 

So.. are we living 2014 all over again or GOT7 and ahgases are stuck in an infinite loop of bad management?

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  6. Youngjae (GOT7)
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