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One of club Burning Sun's co-chairman admits to bribing police, but says "he is not in a position to report this to Seungri"


Report by Ko Dong-yuk for Yonhap News Korea
2019-05-27 5:20PM KST
Translation by: GT2VI

A co-chairman of club Burning Sun testified in court that he paid a former police officer to cover an incident in club Burning Sun, and he did not report this fact to Seungri (translator's note: Seungri served as an in-house director for Burning Sun at the time of the incident).

Lee Seong-hyun, aged 46, a co-chairman of Burning Sun as well as a shareholder, made this statement during a follow-up hearing for the former police officer identified only by his surname Kang, held at the Seoul Central District Court on May 27.

Kang was earlier arrested on charges of accepting 20 million won from Lee Seong-hyun (not Seungri) in order to cover up an incident involving minor entry in club Burning Sun.

Kang, who is a former police officer who worked at Gangnam Police Station, is suspected to have served as link between the club and the police (collusive ties).

Kang insisted in his testimony that he did not receive 20 million won from Lee Seong-hyun, however Lee said on the same day, "I was asked by Mr. Kang on July 27 last year to pay 20 millon won. I delivered 3 million won in August 9 and 17 million on in August 17."

In response, the counsel took issue with the credibility of the statement, pointing out that he (Lee) did not immediately discuss the fact that he used 20 million won in private property to cover up the case with other co-chairs, and that he did not make much effort to preserve it.

To which CEO Lee Seong-hyun (not Seungri) explained, "I am not in a position to report (this) to Seungri. I talked to Lee Moon-ho, a co-chairman of the company, because I thought I'd have to make up for it after I gave him (Kang) the money."

CEO Lee (not Seungri) further pointed out that there is no evidence of the 20 million won expenditure as he explained, "At the time, everyone knew that Kang was watching over the case, and I didn't think you'd believe me because I know how much the damage would be if we were suspended."

In addition, the lawyer repeatedly questioned Lee (not Seungri), who had initially denied the delivery of bribes, to the effect that he made false statements when the investigate agency were pressed to investigate on his personal corruption, and on Cheonwon Industry and Lee being the majority shareholder of Burning Sun.

Lee Seong-hyun (not Seungri), however, further testified, "As a matter of fact, I've made truthful statements. The slight change in the statement was only a mistake made in the process of retracing my memory."

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norangango494 pts Monday, May 27, 2019 11
Monday, May 27, 2019

Yup, why did he have to report everything happening in BS to Seungri, who hold few shares and doesn't have a voice in the decision? And I hope there will be more articles like this which focus on BS investigation, especially attached to the reporter's name. I know this case is complicated, but at least, it's the credible fact and everyone can judge the news of their own free will.


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Macabre7429 pts Monday, May 27, 2019 15
Monday, May 27, 2019

Finally, the investigation is focusing on (not Seungri) and we can get to the bottom of all this instead of repeatedly questioning the guy that didn't actually do anything other than spend way too much time with the wrong people.


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