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Netizens react to YG's new hip-hop survival program


YG Entertainment will present a new hip-hop survival show.

According to an industry representative on the 23rd
, YG is preparing a program for a college hip-hop club competition titled "My major is hip-hop."

The production will be directed by former 'Show Me The Money' director Lee Sang-yoon who moved to YG and will feature WINNER's Song Min-ho, Palo Alto, YG's The Black Label artists Zion T and Okasian as well as Million Market artist Coogie.

The plan is to visit hip-hop clubs at famous universities to scout and host showcases for talented rappers. With Mnet's 'Show Me The Money' preparing for its new season, the YG survival program is expected to offer a different side of hip-hop.

The show is currently filming at 10 universities including Hanyang, Yonsei, Yongin, Korea University, KAIST, Sungkyunkwan, Pohang and Korea Foreign University.

YG is venturing beyond just being a KPOP management agency to delve into production of variety programs through various projects like JTBC's 'MIX NINE' and 'YG Electronics' featuring former Big Bang member Seungri on Netflix.

  1. 1. [+601, -161] It's perfect for Song Minho. I'm looking forward to it!
  2. 2. [+463, -59] Song Minho was so busy filming! I hope he didn't get in trouble.
  3. 3. [+363, -43] I saw Mino on campus a lot so he must've done a lot of work. I hope it's a hit! Song Mino fighting!
  4. 4. [+230, -32] I heard that Mino went to several universities actually. I'm looking forward to it! Hip Hop club??
  5. 5. [+191, -26] Song Mino fighting!
  6. 6. [+70, -7] Song Mino is there so I'm sure it'll be great!
  7. 7. [+41, -11] YG is already having so many issues with these universities. I won't watch the show unless we get an apology.
  8. 8. [+30, -3] Mix Nine kids can't even make their debut. YG Electronics issue with Seungtsy. If you're not going to do it right just don't do it!
  9. 9. [+21, -11] Let's boycott YG!
  10. 10. [+18, -5] YG is crazy~
  11. 11. [+16, -1] I'll get to see Zion.T and Song Minho in the same program 💙 ! !!! daebak!
  12. 12. [+15, -2] Why keep producing these kinds of things/? Mix Nine??
  13. 13. [+14, -4] Why don't you film a YG Burning Sun reality show instead??
  14. 14. [+10, -4] Criminal group~
  15. 15. [+6, -0] So are we going to act like Burning Sun didn't happen??
  1. Seungri
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J_2_Kay-103 pts Thursday, May 23, 2019 12
Thursday, May 23, 2019

lmfao. he's joking, right? he's already being boycotted. he's not that old. he can't be that outdated. just look at the news! what a joke.. i pity the innocent artists under him :/ i'm not even trolling. this is how i honestly feel! i hope lee hi gets out soon.. poor girl. and winner (i don't even care about them music-wise) but he only gives certain people a comeback when shit gets rough. otherwise...bye bye. dungeon.

one too. i want one and lee hi out the most :/ and any leftover 2NE1 members.

every time i see new yg news i get angry. he acts so oblivious and blind like he did nothing.

like hi? you ruined one of the best girl groups in kpop like because you couldn't give more than just ONE of them a solo during hiatus. :I

and everyone should know all the other bullshit he's done. i don't feel like going through it all. my comment is already a novel.


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guest_baby-781 pts Thursday, May 23, 2019 2
Thursday, May 23, 2019

Seems like this guy has no idea what to do with his artists. No one wants to see them scouting for new talent. Let them show their own talent.


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