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Messages supporting Jannabi's Choi Jung Hoon found online, allegedly written by the singer's mother & MV director


Anonymous writers online left messages in support of Choi Jung Hoon.

As the controversies surrounding Jannabi continue to disperse, write-ups from the lead singer's supposed close family and colleagues sprung up in community forums. Due to the rumors about the singer not having been poor prior to fame, certain individuals had come forward with defensive posts. One was allegedly written by the 'On Stage' video and music video director for Jannabi's "She".

He wrote, "for those who are suspicious of my identity, here are some photos taken from the set."

"First of all, I only worked with Jannabi as a business colleague, so I do not share any personal ties with them. Because of the current issues, I only thought that this post should help eliminate some of the misunderstandings. The part that I wish to clear up is about the rumors related to the vocalist's 'scrapper cosplay', superficiality, and etc.," wrote the director.

"The rumor about Choi Jung Hoon getting a one-room studio just to be on 'I Live Alone' is a lie. While preparing to shoot the music video for 'She', we met up outside the band's actual studio for a meeting and even had budae jjigae (sausage soup) at a nearby restaurant together," he continued. "My car wasn't even a good car, just a two-door sports car, but the boys also commented how they would also like to one day buy a car like that."

Moreover, the MV director stressed how the band was indeed not wealthy, and that they were "well-mannered", which made him think it would be "impossible to fake their identity and resort to bribery, in order to become famous through a TV show."


On another hand, a comment from 'MelOn Music' was written by someone claiming to be Choi Jung Hoon's mother:

"Yesterday was the longest day of my life... it was heartbreaking to see how this situation came about... Watching these kids show their passion for music to us parents even made me respect their sincere attitude towards music in their youth... There was nothing but music for these guys for the last 7 years, and though they looked tired, they looked happy. Yesterday, I told them this: 'This is all fate, so let's just accept it...and let's just calmly speak the truth...' I told them that the truth behind these ridiculous rumors (about his father's business, words spread by bad people everywhere) could simply be unveiled..."

Although the post allegedly made by the MV director has been regarded as true by many netizens ("If you watch Jannabi's v live from 2017, there are footage of them working in that very basement, too", "if someone who's not even friends with them had to write something like this, then they must have made quite a good impression"), the comment from the alleged family member seems to be gaining doubt ("I'll just wait and see for now...I've once been fooled by Seungri's parents and his sister too, so...").

In other news, the four members of Jannabi, excluding Yoo Young Hyun, performed at a live event on May 25, with Choi Jung Hoon reportedly showing tears on stage.

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Znewie71916 pts Sunday, May 26, 2019 0
Sunday, May 26, 2019

Well, any mother would stand and support their child, whether it's true or not.



juvenile-399 pts Sunday, May 26, 2019 0
Sunday, May 26, 2019

Bribery is considered promotional funds. Its common in entertainment industry all over the world. The other word for it is advertising



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