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List of what went down at the 2019 Hallyupopfest Concert


There were many extremely talented artist that performed at the recent Hallyupopfest Concert that took place in Singapore! Here is a rundown of what happened at the concert! Please note that there were more artists that performed at the showcase, but this article will only be talking about the artists that performed at the evening concert.

*Please note that the images used are images taken at the red carpet of individual members of each group, for more pictures, click here.

Day 1

1) N. Flying

The concert began with N. Flying and personally, I was really blown away by the boy’s amazing stage presence and the energy they had through their entire set. While I have not heard any N.flying songs prior to the concert, their performance really had me going home to check out all their songs, which were all bops! The boys mentioned that they hoped to be able to kick start the concert with lots of energy and they did exactly that. The crowd was extremely hyped up by their performance and they really brought fire to the stage!

    2) GWSN

    The next group to take the stage was GWSN. The girls might have only performed two songs but their set was also memorable as they executed their dances moves perfectly. The girls were even seen incorporating waving to their fans in their choreography. GWSN really are queens of fanservice!

    3) Oh My Girl

    Oh My Girl was the next group to take the stage and they were extremely gorgeous. All dressed in red, the girls caught everyone’s attention as they performed many of their popular songs such as “Liar Liar”, “Remember Me” and “Secret Garden”. What really shook me were their high notes which were as clear as day, the girls were definitely singing live and they killed it. Oh My Girl is really a group full of vocal legends!

    4) NU’EST

    The fans went crazy when NU’EST took the stage right away. Previously, the group promoted as NU’EST W while waiting for the return of Hwang Minhyun who was promoting in Wanna One. It was amazing seeing the boys finally as 5 again! The boys performed their latest songs “Bet Bet” and “Segno” and also songs from their fifth mini album like “Look” and “Love Paint”. Fans even decided to give Aron a pleasant surprise by singing Happy Birthday for him. His reaction was so cute and the other boys even joined in with the fans to wish him a happy birthday! It was so nice and warm to see NU’EST complete and performing as a group of 5 again!

    5) Hyolyn

    The next artist to grace the stage was none other than the former SISTAR member, Hyolyn. She was a queen on stage and she really slayed. Her dancing was amazing but it was her vocals that really stole the show. She sang a few old songs that were extremely nostalgic for her fans such as the emotion-filled “Hello, Goodbye” which she executed amazingly. She even performed a few SISTAR songs such as “Ma Boy” and even got fans to sing along with her. She might have been the only soloist of that night, but her stage presence filled up the entire stage.

    6) WINNER

    The closing act of Day 1 was the amazing YG boy group, WINNER. The boys performed many of their hit bops such as “Really Really”, “Millions” and “Everyday”. While each performance was powerful and amazing, the moment that stood out to me the most would be when they performed “Ah Yeah”. The music had started, but it turned out that there was a problem with Mino’s battery pack. At this point, Seungyoon stepped in to smoothly save the situation by talking to the fans about their latest album and comeback instead. I was really impressed by how professional they were about it and this just goes to show what a great leader Seungyoon is! Well done WINNER!

    Day 2

    7) (G)I-DLE

    Day 2 got onto an explosive start when (G)I-DLE kicked started the concert with “Senorita”. The girls put on a very exciting performance and even though they recently just turned 1 s a group, their stage presence were just as good as their Sunbaenims! Minnie speaking English to hype up the fans was an extra plus point because she was very charismatic as she took charge of the talking at Hallyupopfest! 

    8) KARD

    KARD then brought amazing energy to the stage as the group of four performed songs such as “Hola Hola” and “Bomb Bomb”. KARD really killed it with their performance and it was very evident the four of them had impeccable chemistry between them. To digest a bit, one amazing thing about events like Hallyupopfest would be the interactions between the groups and members of the group. BM from KARD finally got a chance to meet Wonho from MONSTA X and he even took this cute Instastory with him, talking about how happy he is to meet the ‘big tiddy man’ himself!

    9) Pentagon

    Right after KARD, Pentagon took the stage and wowed the audience with their incredible synchronization. During their talk, Hongseok even talked about how he used to study in Singapore and how it feels nice to now be back here to perform after so many years. Pentagon even made a cute joke about how they were boys that didn’t listen to anyone so in a way, they were “Naughty Boy(s)” and they then ended off with a song that everyone loved, “Shine”!

    10) MONSTA X

    The night continued to heat up when MONSTA X took the stage. This wasn’t the first time that MONSTA X was taking the stage in Singapore and it was evident that they were extremely comfortable with the stage and with the audience. They kept hyping fans up and they knew just what to say to get fans excited for their performance. They performed a series of amazing songs such as “Alligator” and “Dramarama”. The highlight of their stage for most fans would be when Wonho took off his outerwear to reveal that he was just wearing a mesh innerwear, he then got shy about it as his members affectionately teased him about it. In the final goodbye, MONSTA X was also the last to leave the stage, unwilling to part with their fans. Everyone could see how much they enjoyed performing and we hope they will be returning for a concert soon!

    11) Super Junior

    Last, but definitely not least, Super Junior was the closing act of the entire concert. This was the first time I was seeing Super Junior perform as a group and they really made it feel like it was a Super Show Concert. They started with the iconic song “Sorry Sorry” which everyone and their moms went crazy to before performing another hit, “Bonamana”. They even had solo stages for Yesung, Ryeowook and D+E. In their talk, they proved to be one of the funniest groups in the entirety of Kpop, making jokes and funny loving disses at one another. It was obvious that after 15 years, the group mates have developed a strong and brotherly bond with one another. Eunhyuk even talked about how he loved Singapore so much he wanted to tour around it after the rest of the members went back to Korea. He ended up doing exactly that as seen in his Instagram posts! Super Junior then finally wrapped everything up with a throwback song “Miracles” and it was a sentimental ending to a great 2-day concert!

    All the artists present at the Hallyupopfest did an amazing job on stage and we look forward to more exciting stages from them! Well done to all the incredible artists who gave their best at the Hallyupopfest 2019!

    1. (G)I-DLE
    2. GWSN
    3. KARD
    4. MONSTA X
    5. NU'EST
    6. Oh My Girl
    7. Pentagon
    8. Hyolyn
    9. Super Junior
    10. WINNER
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    Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    SuJu being back all together is lifeee


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    Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    I love Suju's ability to turn any event or concert into a Super Show. It shows their experience as artists.



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