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Han Ji Sung's husband revealed to be a lawyer, says he drank before the fatal accident


The husband of actress Han Ji Sung, 28, revealed he was drinking before the fatal car crash.

According to an article by TV Report, it was revealed that Han Ji Sung's husband is a lawyer. During the police investigation, he stated, "On the day of the accident, I had several drinks with peers at Yeongjongdo." When asked if Han also drank alcohol, the husband said, "I didn't see."

The husband claimed the accident occurred while he was using the bathroom on the side of the road. On why his wife was out of the vehicle, the husband said, "I don't know."

Meanwhile, a witness of the accident stated Han Ji Sung seemed to have been throwing up outside the car before she was struck by a taxi. 

The actress and a former member of the girl group B.Doll passed away from a 3-car crash near the Incheon International Airport. Han, who parked her vehicle in the middle lane on an expressway was outside of the vehicle for an unknown reason. She was struck by a taxi that was trying to steer away from a car that had stopped in the right lane.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

They need to push harsher laws for drinking and driving. This is not the first time amongst celebrity DUI.


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Thursday, May 9, 2019

We'll need to wait until more evidence comes out to get the final picture, but the way information is slowly coming out.....it's not looking good. By this account, one could assume that he was drinking too much, which is why he might not have realized that she'd parked in a dangerous spot. If she was drinking as well, it would make sense if she was puking outside the car. Furthermore, a toxicology report would be able to tell what she had in her system before her death- which would help to explain why she got out of the car, and also if she was drinking and driving. The sad thing is, the more that comes out about this, the clearer it becomes that it could have been avoided. I've a feeling that they both potentially drank too much, and now he's slowly trying to lay out the pieces to defend himself in court, and to perhaps defend his wife's image if she was drinking and driving.


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